All Discounts refer to Labor only, major repairs means labor >$100

Students get 5% discount on major repairs if show valid current student id

If you do 5 oil changes in Jorge's Garage in 2 years, the 6th oil change is free

First time customer on major repairs gets 5% discount

Referral Discount :

If customer A refers new customer B to Jorge, when B comes and does a major repair, Jorge records "customer B is referred by custom A on MM-DD-YYYY1"
Then, when customer A comes after MM-DD-YYYY1 for a major repair, customer A get a 10% discount, then Jorge marks the record that discount has been fulfilled.
Again if customer A refers new customer C, customer A gets 12.5% discount, afterwards, for every additional customer that A refers, A gets 2.5% extra discount until the discount hits 20%, i.e.:
10%, 12.5%, 15%, 17.5%, 20%.
The referral discount reset on 1st day of each year.

The Labor for a pair of brake change is only $70, Feel free to bring your own brakes.

If you write a review on google or yelp for Jorge, you will get 3% discount on major repair.---just show the published review to Jorge to claim the discount.