How to treat addictions: curb Narcissism and have kids/pets:
The order of instinctive love is self>kids>parents. 
1. Narcissism gives&worsens addictions: you love yourself so much that you are spoiling yourself & unwilling to discipline but give yourself whatever you want or desire or tempted:
You must learn how to love yourself properly, practice self disciplining & say NO to your wants & desires & tempts.
When desires/temptations fire up, instead of satisfying it immediately, freeze, and understand what it is & how it can damage you, then say No to it. 
Many excuses will rise to defeat you, but you stay your ground: in the past I always drink it, this time, let me try not drink it, if you can dis-addict 1 time then you are a free man, because you are now controlling the addiction not controlled by it!

2. The biggest killer to addiction is your kids:
Only kid's tearful & sad & longing looks can challenge your addictions! 
You were a kid before, you know how bad it hurt you when your alcoholic father abused you&mother.

3. Visit victims or their families which you injured or killed. 
When confronted with poor 5 year old whose mother your drunk driving killed or the 3 kids of a father died of overdose of the drugs you sold to him, your addictions will subside: what have I done?! I will never do it again! 

4. Make friends or live in orphanages/refugee camps/illegal immigrant camps/battered women's shelters/homeless shelters/your employees' apartments:
Who can guarantee your kids won't end up in those pitiful camps/shelters/poor families, then you won't kill/remove/abuse their parents, start to pay affordable wages to their parents who are working for you immediately!

For bullies/rapists/pedifiers/any criminals: the person that you are hurting could be your kids! Who can guarantee your kids won't become preys of predators like you!

If you don't have kids, then you have nobody to save you! 
When you are drunk/drugged, you forget protections,then God send you kids unexpectedly to save you and force you to grow up---amazing grace!

In all human history nobody ever seek to control birth even though condom is ridiculously simple&easy to make, ancient people preyed to have kids, Chinese medicine is all about how to get birth without any mentioning of blocking conceptions, yet US popularized it in 20th century. Imagine if all animals start to have birth control then we will all starve to death & nature will disappear!

Regardless what are the excuses, birth control is clearly anti-nature & anti-God & self-harm: kids keep you busy & stay out of troubles and addictions!

All your diseases,thoughts,words,actions are inheritable&contagious,all genetic diseases are reversible
No, I was born before my mother had diabetes, but your gene is already sick even though no symptoms yet, if your wife's families also have diabetes, then your kids will double the chance of getting diabetes, if her family doesn't have it, then your kids only have half of your chance of getting diabetes. But if mother's diabetes make you re-think&change your and kids' food drink habit, then you have healed sick gene and it won't pass on to your descendents. i.e. Genetic diseases are 100% reversible&preventable&exterminable, so my father is alcoholic then I must be alcoholic is just an excuse of addicting to alcohol! If you believe in Scientists' nonsense that genetic diseases are not curable then you just suffer needlessly, the truth is any disease can be cured!

Because of disobedience&narcissism&arrogance, we don't like to listen to unpleasant advices, want to be as free as possible, stubborn, don't want to recognize/admit/change our problems,don't like to quit addictions/bad habits,like to marry people with same addictions, that is why at time 0, marrying within the same family had no genetic defects, but now everybody has sick genes, we have to marry outsiders carrying different diseases to avoid same diseases collide to manifest symptoms. Our morals & characters follow the same genetic trend, so modern people are more wicked than old times. Some diseases damage body some damage spirit&mind.

Gene=soul, only God can convert invisible soul to visible physical genes. But human can't change computer 0/1 codes to visible stuff. Every thought/word/action is recorded in genes, at death, physical stuff fall off gene only DNA codes remain, i.e. soul, then Jesus examines it to see whether he can put it in holy heaven or not. That is why in near death experiences people see their ancestors because soul is DNA which links people in the same family together. No wondering merciful loving God created cruel deadly nature where weaker ones are constantly eaten, because after animals played their parts & eaten, their genomes go back to God for future use, when needed, God take out a genome of sheep or angel, and make a live sheep/person and put it in front of you! God made you of course he can do things that you can't imagine,just as phone doesn't know your capabilities. So no need to worry for animals or criticize others but worry yourself!

All diseases originate from: disobedience!

God gave perfect disease/aging/death free soul/DNA to the first human Adam, but Adam was tempted by devil and disobeyed God, So A's DNA is diseased to give aging&death to body. then A's deadly DNA is cloned to all of us. Generations after generations, more and more disobedience, by now, our soul/DNA is the sickest&most defected. Everybody is severely sick, if you believe/follow anybody, you will get his diseases! If you modify DNA you will cause more bugs. Even if you wrote 2d pc software yourself you still can introduce bugs when modifying it not mentioning of modifying somebody else's 4 dimensional code.

Because of disobedience, we were sentenced to death, after repent & change to be obedient, death sentence will be lifted, then we can go back to heaven and live forever. Once in heaven, God will fix all our diseased DNAs.

Regardless where/when/race/nationality/color/ethnicity/etc, only 1 obedience: Love God more than yourself, Love others as yourself. And God gave us human Jesus to follow&learn: Jesus resisted all possible temptations and firmly obeyed God, the short new testament used real Jesus&events to illustrate how/what to obey.  

Jesus died for us doesn't mean we can live,Jesus can't let disobedient you slip into heaven. It is extremely difficult to become obedient or quit an addiction, but if you are willing to repent/change/quit, then you can ask Jesus' help to resist temptations&excuses. If you think nothing is wrong with you, nothing to repent or change, then Jesus has no use for you, and heaven has nothing to do with you! Because you have been wrongfully convicted, why do you want to live in a bad judge's house?

Earth is used for serving your sentence not for enjoyment! Even if you earned whole earthful of money, you won't taste 1 bit of paradise, it is not rational at all that you would indulge in fleeing pleasures at the expense of eternal paradise. Refusal to admit heaven's existence doesn't change the fact that it exists, you can't see heaven doesn't mean it does't exist, you can't see your soul, so you don't have a soul?--must have sold it to devil!

Even if you don't care heaven, but you don't want illness&natural disasters, so get obedient to rid of diseases & bad luck!

怎样除瘾: 少一些自爱自怜,生孩子:
本能的爱的强度是: 爱自己>爱孩子>爱父母。
1. 爱自己爱过头了就会上瘾: 太爱自己了以至于溺爱,不愿约束自己,极力满足自己的一切合理不合理的需要欲望诱惑。
当欲火/诱火腾起,冻结手脚,原地不动沉思: 酒除带给我麻烦外没有任何好处,我不应喝它才对。同时无数种借口劝你喝,但你要立场坚定:从来都是喝,这回我就要看看不喝会有什么发生! 只需要胜利1回你就从此从奴隶变成了将军。

2. 你亲生亲爱的孩子可以除掉你的瘾。



如果你欺负强奸抢杀打弱者等: 谁能保证别人不会同样来欺负你弱小的女儿呢?




胡说:我妈生完我后才得的糖尿病,如同上瘾一样,你的基因已病变只是还没有症状而已,如果你老公家也有糖尿病那你孩子得糖尿病就是你的两倍,若他家没有糖尿病那你孩子得糖尿病只有你一半,知道妈得了糖尿病赶快检讨改 你和孩子的饮食习惯可逆转糖尿病除掉病的基因,这样你的后代就不会被遗传上。即遗传病是100%可以逆转根除的,所以我爸上瘾,我就一定上瘾是给上瘾找借口,不要迷信科学家的遗传病不可治,什么病都可治!


基因=灵魂,只有神能把软件灵魂变成硬件4个碱基,人永远不能把0/1变成硬件, 0/1可以操作硬件,但你显微镜下看不见计算机软件,但灵魂是可见的。我们一辈子的所想言动都记载在基因上,死后,基因脱去物壳只剩下灵魂码,耶稣再检查灵魂看能不能进圣洁的天堂。要么人死后能分辨出自己的祖先,因被基因连在一起。不要纳闷慈悲的神怎么造出如此弱肉强食的残酷大自然,动物们演完戏被吃后基因又回到神的口袋备用,在需要羊或天使的时刻,神拿出羊或人的基因从无到有给你眼前放个羊/天使。你当然无法想象造你的神能力,就如手机无法知道你的能耐一样!所以不要为动物们担心,也不要评头论足别人,赶快担心自己吧。