Life saving correct breathing:
straighten your back,suck in air with nose 5 second, then block/pinch nose, blow out air through a pipe in mouth 5 sec while stare your eyes like you are angry.
simply: close mouth, use nose to deeply suck in air, whistle out air through mouth slowly. When you walk, you can open your arms while you breathe in, raise arm above head, then breathe out while arms slowly drop down, repeat.
put a support/ball under back waist at sleep help breathing.

if you create too much static electricity: H+ is too much. O2 is not enough, breathing is not good, mouth/saliva is acidic(you can use ph paper to test it yourself).
Yoga/QiGong cure illness is because their correct breathing techniques  & relaxation improves your metabolism/immunity/body basicity.

Food therapy&herbs&Chinese medicine aim to strengthen your own body, enable yourself to fight illness, but western medicine put drugs in your body to fight illness, because it is treated the same as disease agent by your body, so it distracts/weakens body's own immunity & cause side effects, once it is out it leaves your body in worse condition, that is why American population is generally sick & drug dependent. Psychologically relax your spirit by entrusting God, physically rely on healing food/herbs/exercise to improve the overall health of yourself. 

Another freebie:rub your hands, hot hands rub face, palm cover eyes, close eyes, 4 fingers over eye's up/down sides pull from middle to side, no pressure just pull fingers to ear to massage muscles around eyes, 30times/day, 1 month later, your aged eyes return to youth.

直腰挺胸,用鼻吸气5秒,捏住鼻子,慢慢吹口哨吹出/嘘出气5秒同时怒瞪眼睛/火眼金睛一样盯着,也可用吸管呼出。 唾液渐变碱性。 简单化: 慢慢鼻吸,嘴嘘出,一边走路,吸气时,张开手臂上举过头,降臂慢嘘气,重复。这是抗病毒的天然漂白法。
哈欠,身体放电,冬天衣服电花: 身体酸性,呼吸不对。