Conversation with a typical American:

B: Maybe you should be a preacher?
L: no, because you don't listen, preacher to what: goats/sheep?
B: Preacher to my deaf ears. 
L: you need to change your ears before ask me to change.

B: That's what I'm trying to do. Practice is hard. Preaching is easy.   
B: You want love, but you don't know how to get it, right?

L: Now I see, you want to fuck me when you are criticising that I am not practicing what I am preaching, No, I don't want to be fucked.

B: I just love Chinese women.  The dark hair, beautiful skin and cute faces.  

L: you just want to fuck them, that is all, not love them. You love your daughters, that is called love.
B: Yes that's all I want.  

L: You have a wife but you still want to fuck other women, bad, go to hell
your daughters' husbands will treat your girls the same way!
B: I'm an American man, that's how we are.  

L: "I'm an American man, that's how we are" means: we are beasts and love to fuck other people's daugthers.

B: Chinese women are best. Chinese women love American men.  They love to give them happy ending massage.  

L: You wish, they give you happy endings because they want your money, prostitutes sleep with you for money, nobody sleep with you for love.

B: You say the nicest things.  ☺️
B: No women like me, because I'm ugly.  
L: that is why you are trying to make lots money to cover up your ugliness as all the American guys are doing?

B: That's true
B: No one loves me. 
L: so everybody owes you love? and we are supposed to hand out sex to you? If we don't, then you rape us as Trump does?

B: But no one loves me, I can only buy love
B: I can't get love because I'm no good

L: Stop playing victim games! How about transfer J's Parkinson's onto you!
Discipline your Greed: you want all the money in the world, and all the women in the world!

B: I dont fuck any woman
L: but in your mind, you do

B: I am a man. We hunger for women.  
L: Stop blaming God for being created that way. 
You never learned to take responsibilities for your sins, of course, never taught your kids to be good,either, that is why US is fucked up now, almost everyone from old to young, wasting a long life away!

B: Yes. 😞

B: Sorry I bother you.Hell is too good for me.  
Just so you know the truth, I never had sex with any other woman ,only my wife.   I never had happy ending massage either.   

L: why would I care? I have no say on whether you will live or die and I am not your wife. God controls hell, you only need to repent to God!

B: My Chinese friends say, Chinese people can only love government , not family or God. Communist government will kill them if they love freedom.   
Only love government. 

L: If I am Chinese government I will ban her, she is passing fake news around.

B: Chinese government killed female friend's father and man's friends grandfather.  
They moved to America to be free, so communist won't kill them.  

L: you are like all americans: choose to believe what you like to believe, and impose your lies onto others.

B: I love Chinese, but hate communist.  
L: what do you know about communist? Communism is promoted by Jesus also, Communism is sharing, Capitalism promotes narcissism & greed.

B: Communist have killed more people than any other. Capitalism is freedom. Communism us slavery to the government.  
L: Americans killed&enslaved&discriminated more than any communists, you even wiped off harmless buffaloes on this continent!

B: If you support communism, you support slavery.  I hate slavery.  Communist don't believe in God.  
They only believe in government.  So many Chinese died because of communism.   If you love communism, you hate Chinese.  
You don't know what communism is. 
L: you talked to 2 people from communist China, 1 told you they are good, 1 told you they are bad, somehow you take side with the bad 1. Just like racists, you already dislike blacks, it doesn't matter what others say, you don't like them.

L: you hate communists because you are rich and you will be put in jail, but God will put rich people in hell, why don't you hate God?
maybe you hate God but dare not say it like Trump because you don't want to offend money&women&power!

B: Do you like freedom or communism?
L: Again?!! Communism has nothing to do with you! But you are stubbornly imposing your belief that communism is bad onto me as all Americans do. Worry about your own death&forever chained in hell which can happen any moment now&leave communists half earth away alone! 

---This is a friend not my customer, he is better than other Americans, others sanction & punish me: either stop giving me businesses to starve me or abandon me! Same political games are practiced by US government, which they told me they hate: Americans practice what they hate onto others, which is worse than I preach love but refuse to go to bed with men!