Scientifically: Creationism/God is absolutely correct, Darwinism is absolutely wrong, absolutely no species was created by evolution!

If God created 1 function or 1 thing, then God created all, if Darwinism can't explain 1 function/1 species, then Darwinism is all wrong, i.e no life is created by evolution!
God created the building blocks of everything:Quarks/Photons/etc, then conditions for life, then lives&all life's functions at age 0. We mistakenly believe because earth has conditions for life thus life appeared, which equals because there are bricks&wood thus houses appeared. It is absolutely NO that God created then gave building blocks to Evolution/Time to build lives from.

1. No evolving trend in reproduction whatsoever, Reproduction is not explainable by evolution. It is absolutely NO for God to add reproduction to species created by evolution! Actually none of the life functions has an evolution trend, each species has its own super ability & smarter than us: animals eat mud or drink certain river to replenish salt&minerals, but we only know drugs.
Equally, if 1 bible verse is absolutely true & authored by God, then the whole bible is authored by God&absolutely true: If WS used 1 sentence of yours in Hamlet, you would have told the world long ago just as Elvis' plagiarized dance moves. Kongfucius' followers may have written down some Kongfucius' teachings, but the teachings still belong to Kongfucius not his followers. Though different books in bible were written by different people but they are all God's spirit&absolutely true.
2. DNA combinations in human is 3 x 10^614=infinity, & God knows the outcome of every one of that combination, & God knows none of that infinity will change you to a pig tomorrow, &God knows # of your hair any day of your life.
There are 8.7 million species on earth, each 1 has infinite DNA combinations, & God knows the infinite random outcomes of the infinity of the infinity!

3. God is the source&creator of life/pleasure/humor/fun/beauty/good/happiness/orgasm/relaxation/positivity.
This . mating behavior is jaw dropping beautiful&humorous&funny. Watch all netflix Our Planet: beautifully made without ads except I hate people intentionally discredit God but accredit everything to evolution.

4. Examples of design:
4.1 Orgasm.
4.2 pigs have 12 nipples but goats/cows/humans have 2 to match the number of babies each has.
4.3 reproduction/immunity are apparently by design, the rest life functions are also by design so they can work together to keep life alive.
4.4 bird's ability to fly, fish's ability to breathe/drink in salt water.
4.5 No 2 species look/eat/wear/move/reproduce/defense/offence/... the same. 
4.6 Exotic structures:giraffe' long neck, elephant's trunk/tusks,different colors&shapes of animals/flowers
4.7 honey bee, penguins

5. Why embryos show an evolution process from fish to human? Because same God made every life, of course they will share some similarities.

6. Evolution within same species apparently exists that is why you are white he is black & etc.

God purposefully made earth a deadly hostile place:

Death&illness&pain&injustice&inequality&virus&bacteria&mosquitos&ticks&lies&evil is everywhere anytime, but youth/pleasure/fun/beauty/good/happiness/orgasm/relaxation is short lived&fleeing. Earth was cursed&condemned exactly as bible described: earth is the time-out place to discipline our disobedience. Watch true reality shows so you know the reality that you are in:. You can't help asking: herbivores out number predators by thousands, if every moose just kicks once would exterminate all predators, but they just stand by eating grass don't care one of them is struggling for its life from the grip of predators. Sad to see beauty is bloodily mangled&eaten. Without Jesus, we are no different from chicken/pork. . . God made life much harder for bullies/predators: lioness exhaust herself to hunt for food&reproduce, then lion king robbed them all from her.A hyenas starves itself to death. Lioness is born as a female thus can never become the fittest alpha male regardless how hard she tries. God made males dumb: they love to fight for females&everything so die in their prime. Aren't we living the same way as beasts: painstakingly make money/families before we can enjoy it death takes all away? God's purpose of making earth such a bad place with glimpse of heaven is to make you hate this world/life & desire heaven/eternal life! You are 100% against God if you are trying to escape the pain/discipline, you are blocked in every such attempt: While I was in Eden like Duke garden, a thief cut off my catalytic converter on a busy duke street. The vegs I painstakingly grew were wiped off by deer. Monks hiding in mountains fight constantly thus ShaoLin martial art was born! “Free” USA is bound by greed/ignorance/lies/violence: no where outside heaven is free of pain! Though lions/men rape&rob women&eat babies, it doesn't mean you should go out to kill all lions/men & become lesbian. First you feel the pain & refrain from inflicting the similar pain to others & teach your kids the same, & ask your oppressor to stop hurting you, if they don't listen, report them to Jesus, & beg God to give you strength&strategy to pull through painful frustrating trials without sinning. People indulging in glimpses of guilty pleasures/sexual immoralities/dishonest gains are no different than pork chops on devil's dinner table: you are as good as dead. Firmly resist devils'/every person's temptations: Even if you never tasted wonderful orgasm, so what? 80 years orgasm is nothing comparing to eternal orgasm! God made everything according to his will not yours not scientists'. God gave us only 1 way out of this horrible world: Jesus. 1st: you believe that only Jesus can give you life not money/power. 2nd: follow him closely to the exit, then ride on him to ascend to heaven! If we can't follow Jesus then we can't find exit&entrance, then we will have no where to escape to but caught&mangled&eaten by devil/lions! 100% Christians did easy 1st step, but can't follow Jesus. What does follow Jesus mean: you live/think/act/talk exactly as Jesus did! But it is too hard to follow Jesus, so we fool ourselves with a much easier alternative: on Sundays we go to churches to worship&praise&serve God&myself, but other days, we follow lion kings/devil to cheat/kill/rob/rape natives/women/babies, thus have proved to the whole world that Darwinism is really true. It is not Darwin/scientists/atheists/communists/muslims/homosexuals/abortionists/etc who turned everybody's back on God/Jesus/Bible!!! It is Christians! Some interesting facts: it is much easier for you alone to make infinite # of babies, but God made it that if you can't find a woman then you make none. Just as you trace your ancestory to the same as mine who were made by God, you can trace everything to God: If God already knew Sara+Abraham's descendents can cover whole earth why bother to make another pair of man/woman to do the same? God already did math so only made 1st pair of every species to cover the whole earth. Initially, daughters had to sleep with fathers/brothers to have kids as Lots' daughters, nothing to blame because their intention is not the same as yours. Bible is a history book, God reported protagonists' lives & their interactions with God. Bible is absolutely true in that that is how things have happened. God selected Abraham, Lot was with A, God offered to save L's daughters' fiancees, but they rejected, so they & all their descendents were gone with Sodom, God not only saved Lot but gave him infinite # descendents. Extraordinarily: Bible was written at time 0 then God made history happen exactly as he wrote. Exodus make us think Egyptians are not God's kids, No, everybody is, except God knew their hearts are stubborn, so used them as props to show that we will die if we are too stubborn to obey, just as animals are used as props for us. 依科学逻辑:神造论绝对正确,达尔文绝对错误,绝对没有物种由进化而产生 如果神造了一个生命或一个生命功能,那神就造了所有物种宇宙里的每一物,如果达尔文不能解释一个物种的起源或一个生命功能,那达尔文是全错,即进化论不能产生生命。 神造了万物和能量的起始元素:夸克和光子,继而生命的生存条件,继而生命,在诞辰0时刻,生命具备所有生存生殖的各样功能。我们错误认为因为地球有生存的条件所以生命就出现了,就如同因为有了砖瓦树从而房子出现了一样。 神绝对不可能造好砖瓦木后把它们交给时间去进化建造房子/生命。 1.生殖方式没有进化趋势可循,即达尔文不能解释生殖功能的起源。也绝对不可能先进化产生生命再被神加上生殖。其实每一个功能都没有进化可循,每一物种都有其独特的奇异功能并且比人聪明,动物们懂得要吃特种颜色的泥喝特种河流的水去补充盐和矿物质,我们却傻傻地只依赖于药物。 同理,如果圣经的一句话是绝对真理是神的话,那整本圣经是神的话是绝对真理。 因为如果哈姆雷特的一句话是你提供的,你肯定早早就嚷出去了,怎可隐姓埋名让莎抢了你的荣耀。孔子的弟子们记载了很多孔子的哲学,虽然永垂不朽的荣誉会让你光宗耀祖,但这些弟子们诚实地给孔子的思想标上孔子的名。虽然圣经里不同书由不同人执笔,但都是神的思想:绝对真理。 2. 人体有3 x 10^614相当于无限的DNA组合,但神知道每一个组合的结果并保证无限里的一个不会把你从人变成猪,说神知道你头上哪一刻有多少头发不是撒谎。 地球上有8.7百万物种,每个物种的DNA组合是无限,所以神知道无限的无限地随机组合结果。 3. 神是生命/愉悦/幽默/美丽/欢快/性高的创造者。 每一个被造的都让你瞠目结舌,只是人们总莫名其妙归功于进化论却不给神。 4. 被造的例子: 4.1 性高。 4.2 猪妈的12奶头去喂她的10娃。人妈只需2奶因为只生一娃。 4.3 生殖/免疫功能是显而易见地被设计,剩下的功能和彼此相辅相成也是被设计:缺了哪个功能都不能活。 4.4 鸟的飞翔,海里鱼的呼吸和游。 4.5 没有两个物种拥有相同的长相吃喝住行生备战打仗等 4.6 奇怪的结构:长颈鹿的脖子,大象的鼻子和象牙,不同颜色和形态奇花异鸟。 4.7 蜜蜂 神有意让地球很烂充满死亡痛苦不幸: 死亡/疾病/痛苦/不平/不等/病毒/细菌/蚊子/吸血虫/骗子/邪恶处处时刻伴随着我们,但青春/好运/愉悦/欢快/美丽/良善/幸福转瞬即逝。完全象圣经所说:被咒的地球用来教训人的不听话。 看真正的现实剧=自然记录片从而明白我们所临的现实:. 牛比虎多几千倍,团结起来,每一个只需踢一脚就能让所有掠食者绝灭,但牛对正在虎口挣扎的同胞看都不看一眼,只顾自己吃草。美丽的动物被血淋淋地撕咬吞吃掉很让人心寒。 神让霸凌掠食者的日子比被食的难过得多:饥肠辘辘的雌狮筋疲力竭抓到一个猎物,还没吃上一口,狮王跳出,只好乖乖让给他,拖着疲惫的腿空手回家后看到自己辛苦生养的6崽,5个被亲爸吃了一个被弄死。豺一个月抓不到吃的饿倒在地,收尸的乌鸦站在旁边催它快死。雌狮天生是母的,无论怎样努力,都不会取代狮王。 神让公的很蠢:雄性激素推着他们自相残杀抢女/地盘/势力等,99%在生命巅峰时就死于乱战:. 人和野兽也没有两样:拼命赚钱养孩子,结果还没来得及享受呢就死了。 神这样造世界是让你憎恨此生此世而向往天堂永生。世上的苦难逃也逃不掉。我以为杜克花园是世外桃源,结果园外停在杜克校园上的车被盗。辛苦花大力种的菜被鹿吃得一干二净。藏在深山老林的和尚们也打个不停不然怎会有少林拳?自称自由世界的美国被谎言贪婪淫乱愚昧暴力束缚:天堂之外没有净地和自由。 虽然狮子/男人强奸掠夺妇女婴儿,你也不可把狮子男人都杀光。首先感受痛的滋味并告诫自己和孩子不要这样欺负别人,严厉要求伤害你的人停止他的害人行为,如果他不听,把他汇报给耶稣,并祈求神帮你挺住痛苦和无奈避免报复他。 神造了这样充满毒害的世界的同时,也造了出死入生的活路和解药:耶稣。首先,你相信唯有耶稣而不是钱权能救你,然后,就得紧紧跟着耶稣找到出口和入口。如果你跟耶稣跟丢了,那就找不到出口,无处可逃,被恶魔抓住血淋淋地撕扯吞吃掉。 100%的基督徒都做到了第一步,但没有跟着耶稣。跟随耶稣的意思是:你的每一想,行,言要和耶稣一样。跟随耶稣太难了,西方基督徒就编了一套自欺欺人的做法:只在星期天去教堂朝拜唱诗做义工剩下的6天效仿狮王,称王称霸,杀戮奸抢土著人/妇女/婴儿,这和科学家看到的片面的适者生存不适者被淘汰的自然现象吻合,从而所有人都把神/耶稣/圣经扔进垃圾桶并称西方基督徒是假冒伪善的伪君子。直到今天,西方基督徒还一边继续狮王做法一边怪罪共产党/同性恋/无神论者让人误入歧途。 有趣的事实: 单性生殖对物种繁衍应该是最容易的,神非要弄个双性生殖,这样,如果找不上老婆那你就断子绝孙,如果能找上老婆,就会有无穷无尽的后裔。如果你追溯你的祖先,最后追溯到大家都有一对共同的父母,这一对男女是神所造,以此类推,万物都追溯到神,神是金字塔的塔尖。神造第一对夫妇时就已经知道他们的后代足以盖满全球,当然没有必要再造第二对夫妇啦--聪明的上帝当然不会做重复工啦:所有物种,神只造一对,并知道它们将来会覆盖全球. 老祖宗的传宗接代断子绝孙的想法都来自神。 起先,女和父兄弟生子应该很普遍就象Lot的女儿们,他们乱伦的动机不是为满足自己而是为生殖,所以无可厚非。 圣经是史记,神是记者,记载了被选中的主角们和神的互动的史实,所以圣经是绝对真理因为事情就那么发生的。亚伯拉罕是选中的主角,Lot是亚的助手,炸毁Sodom前,神让Lot女儿们的未婚夫们跟着逃命,傻未婚夫们拒绝了,结果他们一块和Sodom死了,从而断子绝孙。神不仅救了Lot也让他有子孙万代。 圣经比莎的小说生动多了,因为神看透了无限的所有人的心,莎一生才接触多少人?只不过人不可能让自己的小说成为史实,神在造宇宙之先就写了圣经并让历史按圣经所写发生! 出埃及记让人觉得埃及人不是神所生,错,都是神生的,只不过顽固人和被狮子吃的动物没有两样,神就用他们当以色列人剧的道具就如同动物们被用做人的道具一样。