This is how you solve unemployment/prison/immigration/homeless problems
Stop funding farm owners.
Don't give free money to unemployed&homeless. They can rent farm land from government to grow their own food & make money by selling produce. Or go work in private farms to be fed&sheltered by landlords, their kids also help out to be fed, i.e. salaries are not mandatory by law. You only pay taxes if you made profit from selling your produce. If you are lazy then you&your families will be thrown out & replaced by others willing to work.

If you are a criminal, you will be assigned a solitary mini farm, You feed yourself & families with what you grow.

For disabled/retired, if you are willing to rent land, then you will not be paid social security.

If you don't have to pay salaries to citizens then there will be no incentive to hire foreign workers, so immigration problem is solved.

Similarly put your defiant kids on a piece of land to feed himself!

Land renters & private farm owners need to pay enough with your products or money to keep the government agricultural divisions alive.

This will work because this is how God is reforming us! When we are busy filling our empty stomach we won't have time for games/gossip/conspiracy/discrimination/hatred/nonsense. 

Farms produce great leaders like Xi, comfortable huge houses produce Trumps&Bannons. No need for industrial revolution at all, the greed for money exploded to industrial rev.

Without costing you 1 penny, 1 tiny seed can give you a big tree of food yearly, 1 egg gives you a yardful of chickens & many boxes of eggs yearly: God is growing & feeding you! A genuine appreciation/awe/reverence/love for God are grown in your heart: because soil/sun/rain/DNA/weeds/insects needed for the seed/egg to grow & multiply is all from God, it is absolutely true that God provides everything. Grateful ancient people showed their gratitude by many religions/worshipping/praying/sacrificing/offering rituals to the invisible, why can't we? Why don't you stop eating&drinking&breathing&going outside to hide from God!

God seeded Jesus in our heart to output earthful of Jesus/love, if we can't produce, then all those who depend on us will starve/thirst to death! 
God seeded Jesus to make us live forever, but if your heart is full of weeds preventing Jesus to grow and yield more seeds, then what is the use of keeping you around forever? Even 1 second longer is too wasteful.

Bible is not an empty philosophical book, it reported how God himself treated others, there are extremely wicked people in bible, God didn't judge them: when you obey him, he protects you, when you don't, he leaves you alone to be eaten by the world regardless you are chosen or not. God himself is infinitely powerful but lowered himself to a servant&prisoner to love you with all his heart&soul&body, why can't you read/understand/do as God did for you so you will get all the love in the whole universe, and love/benefit yourself to the eternity?