The true cause of global warming/地球变热的真因:

To dispute friend's certainty that there is no God, suddenly I thought of physical matters, according to Einstein, physical matters are energy: energy and physical things are interchangeable, but physical things have order/forms/intricate structures/DNA to them, so energy has been converted to matters by an infinitely intelligent design, i.e. the invisible energy and intelligence created visible physical beings!  

No human being can be certain that there is no God, because you were not there at the beginning, and you will not be there at the end, and you only live 100 years out of the millions of years of the universe. But we can be certain there is God because of the existence of the universe! Just as you are certain your great great great grand parents existed because of your existence. Bible made it very clear that God is the beginning and the end, and God is living at least as long as universe lives, which is far more convincing than short lived scientists' absent guesses!

The Cause effect is God caused the birth of Universe!

Global warming:
If remove solid matters from earth, then Earth is a balloon, the outer atmosphere only allows energy/light to go in but nothing to go out! Energy will heat up the balloon each day eventually it will burst or explode! But magically, trees/animals/lives absorb the energy to create more lives->dirt, coal and oil/gas, so energy is trapped and sealed off so earth won't burst!
But humans have been digging out coal/oil/gas meanwhile removing trees, thus more and more heat are freed into the balloon, which will cause the end of earth! Green energy technology is NOT the solution.
Solar panels only absorbs energy, after consumption, energy goes back to air, coal/oil/gas is the energy stored by natural solar panels from millions of years ago, either you burn old or new solar energy, the end result is the same.

The only solution is never burn anything, plant trees, shrink economy, reduce consumption and live very frugally like pigs/animals!   Yes, we are smart, but we are not that smart, we end up suffer of our own smart, which I have seen from Americans, who are driven by money, economy, consumption and GDP! 

Plants are critical for the survival of earth, they balance the invisible and the visible, and clean up man-made trash!

With global warming, viruses like coronavirus will be more and more! Sea level rises/hurricanes/forest fires will cause much more death! Earth will gradually become a hell! 

Man, you have to think, fear God and read bible, I only have average IQ but I like to think/read bible then I can connect dots, and uncover a lot of lies!

Proverbs 9:10
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Genesis 6:5-6  


绿色能源也不能解决暖化问题,因为能量被用后又进入空气。 唯一的解决办法是:少用能量,不要开采地下的煤,油和汽,大力植树,勤俭节约节制地过日子就如同自然界其他动物一样,不要生产使用任何消耗能量的东西,即回到原始社会!


新冠病毒也是全球热化的结果,病毒会越来越多,海水上升飓风森林野火会越来越频繁,早死的机会会越来越多,据死而复生的人报道死亡是一个跟美丽的经历。中国人很怕死,而且很强调得有儿女能继承自己的基因,why? 又不是珍贵的大熊猫!一想到子子孙孙在蒸笼里煎熬难道不揪心?!


箴言 9:10
创世记 6:5-6
5 耶和华看见人在地上的罪恶很大,终日心里思念的,尽都是邪恶的。 6 于是,耶和华后悔造人在地上,心中忧伤。