US is plagued by idol worshiping cultures:

US fanatically love sport teams/music bands/stars/idols, we would die for our idols!
But our team know nothing of us, we are a complete stranger to them, and they never want to know&love&care us! Off arena, good ones avoid us as avoid covid, bad ones defile us, rob us clean then hand us over to devil!

Listen to our bizarre reasons of worshiping him: his grandfather is Lincoln/RockeFeller, he is a cousin of Elvis/JFK/Reagan, he has Christ's blood .....

Even though we and millions of his fans made him extremely rich, he is unwilling to share a penny with us or give us a penny's credit because he doesn't know us & doesn't want to know us! But we, foolish we, are sacrificing all our time & money & body & soul to him&her whole heartily: If she winks at me, I would immediately offer myself to her! Not mentioning flocks of women are offering themselves to him like flies hovering over a piece of rotten meat!

When God saw us worshiping & sacrificing yourself to strangers, what will God do other than wipe us and them to hell? What will you do when your dog is worshiping/defending strangers instead of you? To save us & them, please only worship Jesus/God who died to give us earth & universe & heaven without ever demanding us to sleep with him or sacrificing 1 penny of ours! 

The psycho of idol worshiping is narcissism & addiction to dopamine: life is too boring & depressing without constant drama & stimuli, I can't become president or movie/sport/music/religious/some star to get dopamine rush, so I pick my double who can give the most high, so Americans picked Trump&Reagan&Schwarzenegger! I would do everything to make Trump win because he wins = I win. Demo will get more votes if Brad Pitt rather than Biden is in the running.

Horrors & paranoia & lies are dopamine refills: Let me tell you, Technology has become more powerful than God, Technology has created clones & vampires, Hillary was already dead in 2011, it is her clone talking. Biden was dead long ago, somebody is wearing Biden's shell. Star wars are real. UFO winked at me. Conscious realm has risen to Mars. Michael Obama is a trans because Obama called her Mike, & Obama is homo, their kids are not theirs but borrowed. JFK is not dead and will endorse Trump in Oct, etc & etc. 

Monstrous evil Communist China will jail & kill all humanity, it is Christ like Trump saved US from communist China, Trump should be awarded Nobel Peace Prize! Trump has protected US from attacks by Demo & Liberal clones & vampires.

Drugs & alcohol can cause these paranoia: not surprisingly, US is an addiction nation! 

But US is the greatest country on the planet because anyone who wants to succeed can succeed. Yeah, succeed to become an idol & go to hell?

Most Americans are polite/generous, even though our friends/families were hurt by Trump, yet, we forever worship Trump. Because money&fame&power&women&guns are used in measuring success, Trump owns the most of them, nobody else can make me feel more successful/superior/safer/stronger/higher/prouder than Trump does! I love his never apologize, never guilt/repent/sorry/weak/wrong/imperfect attitude, if I feel sorry/weak, I will lose, I must think that I am the best always! All in all, Trump is my type of God that I love to worship, I love USA's democracy allowing me to offer him my love & soul in ballot box.

Leave me alone, this is free USA, I am free to indulge in whatever folly I want! You are too judgmental! Yes, I love to judge where we are heading! 

If you don't love US, why don't you move out of US: No, you didn't create a dirt on the land that I am standing on, you don't have any right to ask me to move out. Instead, tearful natives' ghosts have been tormenting & chasing you out. Let over crowded Chinese & Indians overflow here. Indians would never kill sacred buffalos that our ancestors have wiped off completely.

Idol=me/him/her/it/them, The symptoms of idol worshiping=addiction:
All I am thinking/talking is it, I put its images everywhere I can. I wear the same number/name/hair/clothes/shoes/cosmetics/etc as it, I follow it everywhere it goes. I obey it 100% even when he asked me to eat deadly hamburgers or sleep with him. It is my whole world, I exist/live & wither/die for it!
At minimum, everybody worships money & self/narcissist.

US is #1 in producing idols, everyone tries to become an idol. NK only has 1 idol, nobody else wants to become an idol because you can be killed if you want to, plus no one truly worship him. God warns & kills idol worshipers. Yet we are trying to convert NK to be like USA where we can worship idols openly & worry free! Worship is an activity of our mind/soul, even in NK we can worship God, we don't need mayflower. If God created humans, of course, God made himself known to us, isolated NK can worship God if they want to. Chinese language/culture/medicine is filled with accreditation to God! ex. born with=God given/天生的,5000 years ago Chinese knew our talents were given by God not our parents as we now think.

Original English on MayFlower were illegal immigrants came to US for money & gold under the excuse of worshiping God. They killed & enslaved & replaced natives as the land owner. The same hypocritical greed has been passed on as American dreams & cultures.

In fire all DNA vanish to prevent life to be recovered from, that is why fire is used for destruction. I guess in heaven any species ever created exist including dinosaurs.
Fire can't make soul vanish so we will feel being burned forever, and soul can fly off that is why soul has to be chained to fire. In heaven, God's ever changing & dazzling creations will amaze us forever. 

But animals&plants don't worship God, will they go to hell as well? Animals/plants were not made to worship anything, but we are made to worship something, and we intentionally worship things other than God! We intentionally worship lies/death/darkness rather than truth/life/light!

We justify ourselves by tagging our idol with Christ, he preys on our guilt so labels himself as a Christian. Trump is 100 billion times more successful than God in getting worshipers in just 1 year, for thousands of years even God couldn't say: Even if I shoot at my worshipers I will not lose a single worshiper. Instead God used resurrection & non-ending vacation in paradise to fish but still empty handed, I guess God must be extremely envy of Trump.


God/Jesus has shown himself to you&everybody:
Worship=highest adoration/admiration/reverence/honor/gratitude/indebted/acredit to him, he is absolutely perfect&right, intense urge/longing to sacrifice for him, & become him/mimic his everything/lifestyle&behavior, and 100%love+obedience+faith+trust+dependence on him. You love not worship your parents/kids/dogs, your dogs/kids/parents love you not worship you! If you start to worship each other, then both of you will go in hell!

We are God's kids as Paul&Mary were, God loves us as much as them, so God showed himself to us as well, but we didn't seize the opportunity to become like Paul/Mary, why not?
1. God doesn't exist: the conditions for life came into existence so I came into existence = earth came so I came = earth came for me & all living creatures aimlessly without any purpose/reason/explanation. Why didn't robots exist before humans to plant & manufacture, robots don't need living conditions with much simpler structures&functions should be much easier to exist long before life appeared, right?
2. Sooner or later Science will be able to explain all coincidences or super natural phenomena, as Science has explained a lot unnatural things that ancestors accredited to ghosts/souls/gods.
3. Money & me earned me everything not God. Money & me are all I need not God.
4. When I hear spirits' voices it means that I have mental illness & need medical treatments. 
5. Too busy to analyze coincidences or 6th sense.

If Paul scientifically thought the lightening that caused him blindness also caused him mental illness & hallucination of seeing & hearing Jesus, thus completely discarded the appearance of Jesus to him, then Paul would have been left blind for the rest of his life as Hawking was!
Open our mind&eyes, if God made us of course he can let us know his existence, it is we who refuse to see&accredit him,only worry today but tomorrow's life after death.

worship/敬拜=置顶的模拜/崇敬/敬仰/仰慕/荣耀/感激/向往/归功一切给他,他是绝对完美正确,强烈的为他牺牲的愿望,象他一样,模仿他的一言一行,100%爱+服帖+信任+相信+依赖于他。 你爱你的狗/孩子/父母但你不崇拜他们,狗/孩子/父母爱你但不崇拜你。

你和保罗/处女玛丽都是神的亲生孩子,若向他们显现当然也向你显现。 但你没有看到过神,为什么呢?
1. 神不存在:地球上出现了生命可生存的条件就有了我=无缘无故,适宜生命的条件就出现了,那怎么没有机器人出现在我们之前种庄稼织衣服呢,机器人又不需要生存条件而且结构功能极其单一应该出现在人之前才对。
2. 科学能解释越来越多过去归功于鬼神灵的现象,所以将来科学能解释所有巧合或非自然现象,即没有鬼神灵。

若保罗科学地认为闪电击瞎他的眼睛也破坏了他的脑子让他产生幻觉看到/听到耶稣,从而只顾医治忽视耶稣的显现,那耶稣就会让他一直瞎到死就如同20岁Hawking 被ALS伴随到70岁死为止。