1. Skilled Mechanics

We are a comprehensive car repair shop, we need somebody skilled in fixing most import and domestic car problems

  • You must have your own tools.
  • You must have clean driving records and No criminal background.
  • At least 3 professional references on your skills and experiences.
  • You will be paid by jobs, you get a percentage of each job you do. Your percentage is dependent on how much supversion you need and quality of your work. You need understand every job has rent/utility/front desk overheads to pay, that is why we can't pay you 100%.

2. Customer Service Representative

Need an effective helper to interface customers and suppliers to improve productivity of repair crew.

Job duties:
  • Handle all phone calls. Have a notebook handy and take notes, then follow up.
  • Greet customers, start paper work with detailed car information: make, major&minor models, color, year, VIN and detailed inquiries on symptoms, then flow paper work and cars smoothly to mechanics for diagnose and fix. Streamline workflow accurately and efficiently.
  • Per mechanic requests, order parts, research online or call around for best quality and priced parts.
  • Receive and examine delivered parts. For non-delivered parts, travel to pick up or drop off.
  • Run errands for the shop.
  • Test the fix.
  • Calculate correct final total, and organize all the information and paper work for every work order for accounting and warranty purpose.
  • Keep track of returns, exchanges, refunds, praises, complains and etc.
  • Simply put, you do everything that can facilitate the output of repairs.
You must:
  • Have basic mechanic knowledge.
  • Be detail oriented, well-organized, eager to learn and humble for instructions.
  • Be an excellent communicator: express self clearly, listen and understand talkers clearly.
  • Have work ethics: come to work on time, inform the shop well in advance about your absence.
  • You must have valid driver's license.
Initial pay is $8/hour plus commission. As your experience grow, then your pay will grow, The more effective and efficient you are, the more cars that mechanics can fix, the more money come in to pay you.
We prefer somebody who can work at least 30 hours a week so you can follow through on jobs and paper works to minimize interruptions and transitions.
If interested, please write to jorgesgarage@gmail.com with all your contacting information