How can I get Abraham's blessings; origination of genetic illnesses:
God doesn't give me orders directly as he did to A, how can I get A's blessings?
1. Love God more than yourself, Love others as yourself:
A&Paul are examples:
When God asked A to kill&burn his only son for God, without hesitation A took knife&fire wood to do so.
Paul born as a noble, was the lead supreme court judge, For Jesus seek, he exchanged them for sufferings.
When God was going to destroy Sodom, A risked his own life for a foreign country/tribe to argue with God : A loved all God's people as much as God does.

2. Obey 10 commandments.

3. Obey natural laws.
Nature is an illustration of bible: life exchange for life, deer & tiger can't coexist, good&evil can't coexist, you either follow good to live or follow evil to die. You have to use Jesus' soul exchange for your soul, that is why you need eat & drink Jesus.
When you have traffic system, you make traffic laws to govern it and you make laws so clear that fools can follow.
Similarly, God made natural laws & instincts to govern all that he made. Of course, he made his laws so plain that uneducated dumb animals can see and follow, why we think we have to find natural laws in labs with microscopes&telescopes? we proudly ignore what is plain to us but uncover those not meant to be seen & brought disasters to ourselves:
molecular drugs, antibacteria, burn underground coal/petroleum, atomic/hydrogen/neutron bombs, DNA modifications.
If car mechanics doesn't know how to maintain a car you won't ask him to fix your car, but we use doctors who can't keep themselves healthy/sane, believe in scientists like Darwin who violated science by marrying a cousin.

Air>water>food to keep us alive, but we pollute air&water to make food/money, dumber than penniless animals.

Only eat food cooked by loved ones, only have sex with someone who loves you: sex is more harmful than food: damage you & your descendents. Investment is gambling, nobody other than you care about your money, banks/investment firms/platforms are casinos only care to charge service fees.
Don't waste your life/money to go to college for politics/diplomat/marketing/investment/MBA/economics: they are arts of cheating, you should stay away from people who have been trained in those cheats, stay away from how to get rich books/lectures/people:
Strangers have no reason to make you rich, no magicians tell their magic to non-heirs. People only want to sell you books/products/services under the cover of make you rich.
Only read bible/nature by God who loves you more than your parents, read ancestor's wisdom: Chinese Medicine.
Make money by growing plants/animals: medical marijuana/honey bee/deer antler/gingsen/salmon etc.

4. obey laws, don't interfere with other countries internal affairs/stir up unrest.
5. obey boss,parents,husband.
if you obey bosses, even though you are not the smartest yet you are the first to be promoted.
Not obeying parents who love you, disobeyed God.
When marrying, if you can't 100% obey your husband for all your life, then don't marry to cause family instabilities. Obedience is women's leverage, obedient wife is your gold mine.

In conflict, #1 prevails: when tiger is chasing you and strangers, you intentionally violate instincts to feed yourself to the tiger. Freely give away a drug you labored all your life to the whole world. Risk going to jail to protect illegal immigrants. Disobey parents/husband when their orders are contrary to God's.

If you obey, God will fulfill his promise: you enter heaven to live forever.
If disobey, you will get:
pandemic/natural disasters/wars/polluted environments/scammers everywhere/rebellious kids/broken marriages families/lonely fearful bankrupt suicides.

God always stick to his words thus requires us:
Hungry Esau jokingly exchanged his birth right for a meal, 20 years later, nobody remembers his silly talks, yet God didn't forget but forced Esau to fulfill his words. So you should repent and ask for forgiveness before lose your right to live.

We can only imagine dinosaurs' looks based on bones, wow, our imaginations are really ugly: it is unthinkable that unpredictabe nature can create millions of cute creatures in millions of years based on climate change: even if you can survive this year's flood, then you have to die in next year's drought.

The truth is that before nature existed, in creating you, God gave you the abilities to balance&adapt to darkness-light/drought-flood/cold-hot/dry-wet/hungry-full/stress-relaxation/poor-rich/noble-humble/high-low/soft-hard and etc. If you can't balance, then you get ill. So Chinese medicine's core is to balance yin-yang to cure your illness, yin-yang means all opposite 2 sides. You must eat local seasonal food to adapt to the environment. God gives us water melon in summer to remove body heat. In winter you hunt for meat to add heat. But US in the middle of summer eat barbacue,drink beer & set off fireworks. No wonder US likes to fight. 

Man has feminism, woman has masculinity, if you are half man&half woman then you are balanced, otherwise you become homosexual, US has the most homos.
Ancient Chinese used "middle ground" philosophy to balance interpersonal conflicts. Nature balance itself automatically, but we destroyed nature's balance thus our body's balance resulted in pandemic.

Long term imbalance will change DNA, pass on to descendents. ex.
In the beginning, skin's function to increase decrease darkness are equal, more darkness block more light, less darkness let more light in. If live on equator all the time, DNA will atrophy the ability of decreasing darkness, so kids are born to survive in hot sun. Similarly the more you use your brain the smarter you will get, a chinese saying: good father yield good son, bad father yield bad son. But with the advancement of technologies, we ignore our degeneration, ex. nearsightness, in future, humans won't see far away. AC atrophy our ability to adapt to temperature change, we will die in hot/cold field when trying to grow food: we must immediately change to farming to stop the path to extinction.

Addiction is hereditary:
ex. addiction to money: only money excites your nerves, so DNA disable all stimuli other than money, not only you lose interests in everything else but also your descendents. Similarly, all habits characters are hereditary like narcissism/nationalism/greed/hypocrisy/arrogance/etc. Single parents' kids are prone to become homos: don't know how to love the missing gender. 

How to treat addiction & genetic illness:
Find root cause of addiction: Feel unloved & insecure. Love those who can love you unconditionally & not bothered by the same addictions to chase out addictions. I have a wife who loves me but I still love money: because your wife is also addicted to money, to not lose her love, you became more addicted to money.

Usually, your pitiful lonely loving kids can replace your addiction if your addiction is alcohol/drugs/sex/games, money addiction is the hardest, because you need more money for them. Only A kind faith/love in God can cure your addiction to money.

Jesus is absolutely right& he did it also: Only Love can root out all diseases genetic or not.

Why the chosen Jews didn't have ancient Chinese wisdom? because the pride of being chosen and the addiction to money sealed off wisdom, when you humbly relaxingly meditate on bible then God unlock wisdom to you.

Chinese guan qi form=Christian's worship/Mose's gesture for God's help: holding both arms&jaw toward sky sing hallelujah, it opens up lung/heart, straighten neck&spine, automatically suck in air, such stretch&deep breathing eliminate pain & boost immunity. Do it/worship God in every breath will give you a long healthy life.

Anyway, God made everything according to his will, your destiny is 100% in his hand, obey him will give you a happy ending.

Americans should practice by being humble not so confident/bragging on everything: All his life he has never been a servant to anybody but at age 70 he wanted to become a public servant to 300 million people, among them half are his enemies? Chinese Xi was living/farming with poor farmers at his youth, so he first served poor farmers while in office. Trump is wearing Ivanka's face everywhere, yet, nobody can find Xi's daughter's face anywhere not even on internet, Xi never mentions anything of his family.

1. 爱神胜己,爱人如己:

2. 遵守十戒。

3. 遵守自然规律:


只吃爱我的人做的饭,只和爱我的人结婚性交:性比饭的毒害性大多了:伤残你和子孙后代.买物/买服务/找对象之前先问你是不是基督徒。不把钱给陌生的经纪人/银行/公司去赌博,它们是赌场只关心服务费/平台费。不上大学去学骗术:政治外交市场营销投资商管政经是骗术:人靠学校赚你钱。远离投资书/发财讲座/懂投资的人: 陌生人没有理由让你发财,没有魔术师外传他的魔术的,人靠卖书或讲座时推销产品服务赚你钱。只读爱你的神和祖宗们的创作:圣经大自然和中医,养殖动植物赚神的钱:务农/养蜂/鱼/鹿茸/药/西洋参等。

4. 服法,尊重别国的领土主权内政,维护世界和平不挑起战乱。
5. 顺服老板上司,父母,丈夫。




事实上没有自然环境之前神造的你就能平衡适应黑亮/旱涝/冷热/干湿/饥饱/松紧/甜苦/贫富/贵贱/高低/曲伸/软硬等。不能平衡就病死.所以中医旨在平衡阴阳消病, 阴阳泛指所有的两面。你一定要吃喝当地当季食物,神在烈夏给你寒凉的西瓜退热。有酒肉的春节设在寒冬腊月御寒!7月仲夏美却吃烤肉喝啤酒放炮和烟花,难怪美火气大爱打仗。男也有阴柔,女也有阳刚,半男半女最佳,失衡易成同性恋,美的同性恋最多。中庸之道平衡人际矛盾。大自然自动自我平衡,破坏掉大自然的平衡就破坏了身体平衡就病死。






Why things are made invisible to me?

Air/bacteria/virus/atoms/moleculars/DNA/arctic/antarctica/future are all invisible so they must not exit! so you should stop breathing now.
When your parents ask you to study hard for future, even though you don't see future you obey their words because they love you & are trustworthy. 
In investment, you always buy stuff you can see&touch, real objects exchange for money, of course, physical stuff is very troublesome to maintain can become rotten and etc. That is why God asked you give extra money to your employees, or poor/sick people around you to earn your ticket to heaven.

If we can't obey the things that are clearly visible to us, we will destroy ourselves in 1 day if given the power to see&do invisibles! Imagine if you can tell the rise/fall/bancruptcy of stocks, see where people are hiding their money&girls, see through girls' clothes, see what others are thinking and doing behind doors, see all your enemies secrets!

When you are under your boss surveillance in office, you don't want to work hard, how can he expects you to work hard when you work from home? 

We saw how easily motor cycle/speeding can get into accidents, how bad food/drink cause diseases, how much pain addiction/abuse/rape/violence/scam/dishonesty/lies inflict on people, our big houses/cars/roads/malls/factories displaced 90% plants&animals caused diseases & disasters etc., but we keep on doing them.

I can't see God/heaven thus they don't exist is an excuse for disobedience same as I don't have parents thus no parents to obey! We disobey regardless God is visible/invisible exist/not exist! God was with Adam all the time yet he still disobeyed, Mose's people saw God day&night yet still disobeyed, you disobey your parents even they are visible & existing!

The more obedient you get then more invisibles you are willing to see! Just as "Amazing Grace" said: youthful healthy eyes were blind but now old sick eyes can see! while still disobedient, you will die if you see God because you are darkness & God is light, darkness can't co-exist with light, only when you become light also then you can see God!

Satan can see invisibles thus are very dangerous! The cruel nature is a physical warning against Satan, but all we saw from nature is that we need to be the fittest of all! Satan can see your thoughts, thus make you abey him instead of God by tempting you with what you want! We are very coveting the ability of seeing invisibles. Smart Hawking studied invisibles for all his miraculou long ALS life but couldn't see&seize the opportunity to repent and save himself! 

Research invisible natural laws is not in conflict with God! On the contrary, God helps you to find as many of his laws as possible! Actually God help you in every aspect of your life! When you believe in wrong God like Time/Evolution/Money, then you are fooling yourself to die forever, because they can't give you life! You made money not Money made you so money can't make you alive! Time is as invisible as God to you, if you believe that you are not made by invisible God, then you are not made by invisible Time/anything. Evolution is a natural law like gravity not a maker of anything. 

If you are not fearful of death then you are insane, but when death&obedience are in conflict, you die to obey! 

If you are not obedient, then no reason to keep you alive forever and give you invinsible invisible impossible power! 
Everybody encountered very disobedient kids/employees/families, if you are loving, you gave them enough time to repent&improve, if they don't change, you leave alone, similarly, God gives us a life time to repent & become honest/loving/humble/obedient, if we don't, then we die forever. The best way to grow love&obedience in kids is to let them serve all people unpaid&unconditionally. US ways of paying kids to serve parents & loved ones are outputting money lovers.

There is only 1 order from God&Jesus to obey: Love God more than self, love others as oneself. In bible God blessed people who married multiple wives/lying/playing favoritism/adulterous/conspiring and etc, it doesn't mean that you can follow those bad characters. Just as you, you love all your kids regardless how rotten they are, God loves us the same as he loves Jesus, just that perfect obedient Jesus is the only kid who willingly died to save all his siblings, so God gave Jesus all his might to manage all his creations! Similarly how other Christians behave has no business with you, you need to earn your own rights with the same gifts as given to Jesus: Honesty/Love/Humility/Obedience。

Once you believe that God created everything then it is very easy to understand science & uncover lies:
Only God can give life, life give birth to life. The 4 bases of DNA are dead, virus is living pieces of DNA/RNA, even if you arrange 4 bases to have the same exact structure as covid19, it is still harmless dead DNA. Antibody is the enemy of virus, antibody is also live pieces of DNA/RNA. That is why vaccine is made by collecting as many covid19 patients antibodies as possible, then you reproduce those antibodies in large quantities in labs. Antibody can also change to virus!
A lab engaged in researching virus of course has a collection of viruses, may produce covid19 unknowingly, then that is an accident by God. If it is lab accident, the people in the lab/school/families should be the first to get sick, if lab is not careful in safety measures, then it should have a hisotry of people there getting sick, if researchers intentionally develop covid19 they start with vaccine to protect themselves first, but all these are not true, so it is a lie that covid19 was created by a lab. It will be better if it is an accident in a lab, because you can protect a lab easily but it is hard to protect nature.

All raw seeds/eggs/sperms have breath of life in them, can produce a lot more new lives,it is not sensible to argue when life start, life is already in egg/sperm before in woman's womb! Fertilization&inside womb are conditions for life to grow! Only eat fruits/vegs/seeds alive to absorb life energy, avoid dead old processed food!

很多未知未见的东西得凭信心,比如你妈让你好好为将来学习,虽然你还没看到未来,但你听信她的,因为她是爱你的可信的。 投资家让你投资,你既没有看到净赚的大堆钱,他也不爱你,但财迷心窍,你就听信服从了骗子。投资要买实物,亲自看摸后把房产证车权证苹果放在手上,一手交钱一手交货。实物当然很麻烦又会坏掉,所以最好是发多余钱给晃在眼前的雇工穷病人,救人又救自己:挣进天堂的门票。





越顺服就越愿正视可见的并有越来越多的看到不可见物的神力,当你用气功去刻意追求魔力时,你就走火入魔害人害己。犹如奇异恩典歌所说:年轻健康的锐利的眼看不见的现在老眼昏花了却看见了。 如果现在让你看见神,你会马上被击死,因为你是黑暗,神是巨光,黑暗遇光就不存在地死了。只有等你也变成光你就可以和光/神同在同生。


我们很羡慕渴望有看见不可见的能力,就毕生研究不可见的。挖掘未知的自然规律没有任何错,只是你扔掉自然规律的创造者,盲目相信万物起源于时间/进化论/钱,结果丢了性命都不知道,Hawking 研究了一辈子不可见的但就是没有看到自己奇迹般长患有ALS的生命的意义,至死都不愿看见最应该看到的能救自己命的神。神很愿意帮你发掘他制造的自然规律。你若求神,他愿在一切事上帮你,犹如你父母对你是有求必应一样。 时间象神一样看不见摸不着,如果你相信你不是不见的神所造,那你也不应是不可见的时间所造,你造钱,不是钱造你,进化如同重力是个自然规律,不出产任何东西。


神/耶稣只有一个让你服从的: 爱神胜己,爱人如己。圣经里,神降幅给那些不完美的人:狡黠,奸诈,妻妾成群,撒谎,嫖娼,偏心,奸淫等等,你不要去照做想着那不会影响神的福赐。犹如你,你爱你的所有孩子一模一样,即使有些孩子很不听话,所以神爱地球上所有的人如同爱耶稣一样,只是完美顺服的耶稣是唯一个愿牺牲自己而拯救弟妹的好孩子。所以神给了耶稣和自己一样的权柄和神力让耶稣主宰一切。你若能象耶稣一样爱神并100%服从,那你也会主宰宇宙。



只有神能给生命。生命来自生命,DNA 的4碱基是死的,病毒是有活性的DNA/RNA 片段, 就是你从4碱基弄出和covid19一模一样的结构它也没有病毒的毒性活性。抗体/疫苗是病毒的敌人,也是有活性的DNA/RNA 片段,所以世界各地在收集得过covid19的人的血清抗体,你再在实验室里培养大量的抗体娃娃再卖给众人。 抗体也能成病毒。 病毒实验室里有各种各样的活病毒,当然会变出covid19,即使是实验室事故,也不是人为,是事故就是神为。若是实验室事故应先感染室内系内校内的人,若实验室不谨慎,那应该有不慎历史,即此实验室的人总是病怏怏的,即使人想从其他活病毒制造covid19也得先制造抗体,但这一切都不存在,所以covid19出自某个实验室是谎言。真希望covid19是实验室事故,如果是大自然对人的制裁那可没法加强管理避免泄露那样简单了。