Why God created Orgasm(O) and humans

God created O to pay you to love your spouse&kids as in the following, because without O, nobody wants to have a roommate & reproduce then raise needy kids!
1. Genesis 2:22-24 Then God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man." That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
2. Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth".

Unconditionally God created us because he loves us: he created every breath/water/food/light to keep us alive on earth & gave us Jesus to wash off our dirt to enter heaven!
Jesus asks us to love as he does: Love God,parents&others, raise kids to Love God,you&others,because ONLY LOVE gives/strengthens/protects/carries life to eternity! No love, no life!

But we have been stealing the wage without giving LOVE! Exchanging O is not love: did you love those you had 1 night stands with? If you say you loved your exes, then you don't know what love is or you are lying:
e.x. If you love your son, even he has become like Hitler, you will still love him as he is your forever beloved baby, you won't replace him with someone else! So when you love someone your love won't change with the beloved! That is also why God's unchanging love is the same for both bad&good people! God wants you to love&help woman without wanting to sleep with her as Jesus did! But God saw it is impossible for you to do it, so he created O to entice you to just love 1 stranger, but we took O without love! Sex between unloving partners is a rape because God&your parents don't consent to it & are raped. Sex is done behind closed doors doesn't mean God is not there. "You are a grown up,this is only between you&me none of your parents' business" became a culture. Your privacy is opened to government but not your parents?

Once you sex her,she is inseparable as your rib,you need love&care her for the rest of her life! So love her before sex her, if you can unhesitatingly say YES on: "Am I willing to die & give her my heart if she needs a heart transplant?" then you love her! A man can have n wives, but 1 woman can only have 1 husband.

Ancient Chinese use kid as a piece of mother's flesh to explain motherly love. According to God's creation&intention, a woman is both bone&flesh of a man's, so the love between a couple should be stronger than any motherly love! But the reality is that man only wants loveless sex to do with woman! Then you say all animals have loveless sex, if you can revert back to monkeys,then 100% yes. Atheists are also hypocrites, pick excuses convenient to them: sometimes we are animals, sometimes we are humans. To love is to be human, imprisoned by desires is animal, hurt to satisfy self is worse than animals!
But animals teach us: Dog is useless except love us then we take care of it like our babies all its life! Goat doesn't love us, only 1 fate: eaten by us. So love alone will give you a nice life like Abraham's, God rewarded A's descendents' Jesus to avoid goat's fate.

Other than O feels better than any drugs on earth,O improves immunity&overall health,gives the best quality of sleep,is the best way to relieve depression/stress/pain, makes you live longer/younger/smarter, 0 bad effects!
God uses hormones to make you want O constantly! Find&love your spouse so you can get it 24x7 all your life even in pandemic!

Don't worry that she won't love you back, because God gave everyone the ability to love, otherwise, he wouldn't have asked us to love. Only love can buy love, you make love like following:
Think others more precious/important than you are,put others' need ahead of yours,Sacrifice yourself unconditionally so others don't have to suffer,do good without expecting any rewards! i.e. Do exactly as God/Jesus did. If you expect anything in return then you are not loving!  
Even if your work is very demanding&your spouse stays home full time, still you gladly spend all your time after 8 hours to do chores so she can rest&relax, you massage her & put her to sleep first everyday even though your own painful body is in desperate need of massages and etc. 
Love your spouse as she is your baby without any complains because nobody ever complains his baby is a bundle of troubles! We are forever troublesome babies of God,but God loves us the same forever, if not, he would have thrown us into a black hole long ago!

Don't ever date workholics/addicts/selfish people,let money/substances/themselves give them O! Why don't God disable those people's nerves from feeling O? Just like you: if your kid steals from you, because you love him you won't just cut off his hands。 Everyone of us has done hurtful things, but we were not punished so harshly by God because he loves us, he always uses miraculous ways to make us realize how bad our behavior is thus refuse to do it again voluntarily!  
Knowing that God always loves&protects&provides4 you, regardless with whom, you should always fearlessly/honestly speak your mind!

To teach your kids to love God,you&others, you need to be a role model of LOVE, just as Jesus is a role model of LOVE to us. 

Godly parents get kids because they want to love kids, but even if you get stepkids unplanned, God knows you will love them if you love your spouse! 
Similarly, if kid loves you, he will love his siblings, if he loves God, he will love everybody in the world!

How do you expect your kids to think if you don't love your spouse: my parents can't even love each other motivated by O, then why should I bother myself with such a difficult task: love others? love myself is all that I can do! At&after puberty indulge in loveless sex because everyone else is doing it,plus I am a product of my parent loveless sex.

If you neglect or abuse your kids, then you are hurting God, their real dad, immediately, you should ask God to forgive you & start to love them! Similarly grown kids need to take care of their parents with love! US culture of not caring for your parents is anti-christ! 

If you don't believe in God but the fittest survive, then scientifically your kids shouldn't love&take care of you! To save himself, even when you are bullied by others, he should just watch you suffering unconcerned as everybody else, disrespect&rob you&siblings,cheat/steal/scam/blackmail others to enrich himself. Once he grows up he should kill you &become alpha male!--Atheist hypocrites will argue that evolution has evolved a heart into humans to prevent this?! What a perverted & confused mind! An atheist said he believes in love, but there is no love if there is no GOD, God created love! Without God, you can't explain anything, because anything is from God! God seeded love in our soul, it is your responsibility to make it sprout&grow in your kids!

If you honestly love in & out of home: no bad mouth of others/make dishonest money/abuse maids and etc, then your kids will be honest&compassionate, otherwise, your hypocritic kids will also cheat you! 

If everybody can honestly love each other, then we will all live in a paradize forever instead of a short&lonely&miserable life with minutes of stolen O!

F shared a story when they crossed deadly desert,everybody could only protect himself from being killed or captured, but a son carried his father on his back ran for 150 miles for 5 nights! The son loves his dad despite dad didn't give him any materialistic pleasure, So even if you are penniless you still can make others love you & die for you! 
If his dad has the ability to make him live forever, of course, dad will do so! If such dad asks his son to follow bible, immediately his son will follow bible. Because you obey those whom you love. If your kids love you they will 100% obey you even if they are teenagers. If couples love each other,they normally don't fight! If you love God/Jesus, you will obey bible!

Poor/suffering folks are more likely to sacrifice for others,rich folks don't know what deprivation is like,so rich country's people love others less. Though US donates most $ but when its #1 status is threatened by others,it enacts protectionism, so US donates $ without love! Only donations with love can buy you heaven, ex. when you yourself can't afford food/clothes/shelter/hospital but you donate so others can have them! 

Out of LOVE, God created universe & everying in it, so you have to be a spirit of love to enter heaven! Heaven must feel much better than O, because you are given a warranted immediate gratification when you love a carefully picked qualified spouse, so the reward for those who love true strangers unconditionally without expecting a reward must be much higher, the reward for loving your enemies must be even higher! The more people you love the higher the reward should be!

You will love every job/chore/trouble if you love the folks behind them because God will be there supporting you! We are living with more & more heartless computers,gradually we lose our hearts & become like machines. Machines are not God's design but God's trash, who wants trash to enter & pile up in his holy palace? 

You&sex are God's creations, but you love yourself&sex more than God. If God punishes men for loving his creations over him, what will we get for loving man-made stuff like money,fame,power.toys,games more than God? US culture is centered around self,money,sex,fame, & US is seducing the whole world to its anti-christ culture, if we don't repent like Nineveh then we will be the 2nd Sodom!

God decided how everything should work since he created everything! If we obey God to love&live, then we will have perfect kid, family, country & world!