Please pick up your fixed car promptly so we can pay parts&labor promptly. If not, you will be charged $25/day after being notified. This pain is to make you learn the lesson because we are charged 30% fee by banks if we don't pay on time.

We are the cheapest with the best quality in town! Please don't bargain with us. Once you agree to fix car here, please pay the fee we ask for, otherwise, just pay the diagnose and estimate then shop somewhere else. Note, we don't price by the time the job takes, so please don't argue with us on what the charge should be based on your own observation on how fast or how easy a job is. (People rarely bargain or argue prices in America, the fees we ask for don't include margin to bargain) But you are welcome to send us feedbacks after you pay so managers can review and improve your experience here.

We fix everything and anything, just text the mechanic at 919-697-2641 with your VIN directly to find out, if you can't speak English, you can text 704-293-0756 to translate your Chinese to English.

Please deal with your insurance company yourself with the invoice/receipt that you get from us after you fix your wreckage here. We don't deal with anybody/entity other than you. You save money by dealing with your insurances company yourself and you can also learn how your insurance works.

Because of the vast experience, most times, Jorge can give you a rough estimate without research, but to get accurate estimate and diagnose, please bring your car to the shop, if you decide to fix it here, diagnose and estimate is free, otherwise, please pay the estimates. Jorge can't afford to spend all his time giving free estimates and do free work, who will pay for rent and utilities?

We warranty our work for 6 months if the parts are purchased through us. If you bring your own parts or you insist on using parts against our advice, then no warranty.
We don't warranty used parts even if the parts are purchased through us. Used parts are unpredictable, we can't afford to warranty used parts. If you want warranty, then go for the new parts that we recommend.

Usually part suppliers offer free deliveries, but occasionally, they don't deliver parts, please pick up the parts yourself to avoid delays and additional charges.

  • Pre-sale car check: $60, sorry we don't offer on site car purchase consultation, please drive the car to our shop.
    Also please read the car purchase tips on this site.
  • Pre Long distance driving safety checks excluding any repairs: $15 to $30.
    This check gives optimal levels to tire pressure, engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid oil, anti-freeze liquid, and windshield wiper fluid. If we notice any problems, we will give you warnings to your safety.
  • Diagnose: diagnose starts at $50. Diagnose is the brain of a repair, "no correct diagnose, no correct repairs". Please pay our time spent on your car regardless we find the problem or not. Sometimes, a check engine light can take days to diagnose, if after $50 or 30 minutes diagnose, we feel that the problem is too complex and it may cost you well over $100 to diagnose, we will stop at $50 and let you choose: 1, lose $50 and try somebody else, 2. stick with us without knowing how many more hours that you have to pay to figure out or not figure out the problem. Just like anything else in life, we have our limits, we want to be honest upfront before it hurts both of us. (When a person is sick and go see a doctor, the doctor always charges a big fee regardless his diagnose is good, bad or unknown. We can't afford to work on your car for free while paying huge overheads like rent and utilities.) We hope you respect our pricing as mentioned above, we don't have time bargaining and bickering with you. Please pay cash to avoid unncessary headaches.
  • Car maintenance(oil/tire change, detailing...): this depends on car types, sizes and etc, so text to find out.
  • We can repair following:
    • "Check Engine" light.
    • Engines
    • Electricals/wires/automatic door openers, window switches
    • Timing Belts/chains, driving belts/chains and Water Pumps
    • CV Axles
    • Brakes
    • Air Conditioning/Cooling and Heating
    • Radiator
    • Body Work: Collision/Dent repairs and Paint Jobs
    • Alternators.
    • Reverse Radar
    • And much more ... Please text 919-697-2641 with your VIN
  • Please sign up for AAA plus membership, because you get 4 free towing trips every year, each trip is covered upto 100 miles free, AAA plus membership save you a lot of money if you drive a used car. You can share it with your roommate. (We use another shop for towing and we don't have control over their pricing, and we don't offer free towing.)
  • Hitch Installation.
    You can install a hitch on your truck or SUV, so you can haul trailors, boats or bulky stuff.
  • Antique Automobile Restoration.
    People collect antique cars for investment because the price of it is going up with time.
  • Ad-hoc services like welding, feel free to ask, we can do a lot of things.
  • Car Selling Services:

    If you don't feel comfortable for strangers to come to your house, or if you don't have time to deal with buyers, you can use us to sell your car.
    Text to discuss fees---repairs and inspections are assessed separately.

  • About part pricing.

    When you know exactly what parts you need, you can save money by buying them directly from local part store, please provide them VIN number, year, make and model of your vehicle.
    1. Unless you explicitly ask and pay for the diagnose, we just replace the parts that you bring in, please don't blame us if such replacement doesn't fix your problem.
    2. You have to pay for the labor again if the part goes bad.
    3. Please presents all the paperwork for the part to the mechanic and let him verify 90% accuracy of the part, if after he dissembles the car and find out part doesn't match, you either quickly get replacement part or pay for the labor of reassembling.

    The parts purchased by us has a mark up to cover the risk of going bad---this is like an insurance, a little bit surcharge from all parts to cover the accidental bad ones.
    The parts purchased by us also has a mark up to cover our time in calling around, ordering and servicing that part.

    Due to limited resources, we can't inquire the whole world to get the most optimal combination of price and quality, so we usually go with the suppliers that we trust, but you can shop around the whole world if you want to save money and bring your own part, you can google the following local part store and buy directly from them, and you can also buy from internet like amazon and etc:
    Napa, Oreilly, Advanced Auto, Autozone
    Local dealers also supply hard to find parts specific to your car: Michael Jordan Nissan, Fred Anderson Toyota, University Ford, .....

    Please evaluate risks, benefits and savings in making your decisions, once you tell us your decisions please stick to them!
    Like anything else in life, once we agree on things, let's respect our agreements to minimize damages to each other.
  • We only accept cash/money order/cashiers check from first time customers and some old customers. For those customers who pay by checks please add 5% extra to cover the overheads and risks associated with checks. Please bring in the correct amount to check out, we don't have time and capacity to deal with other types of payments. If you think cash is unsafe then use money order or cashiers check.
  • We accept credit cards via Paypal or square, very safe, but you need pay 5% extra and round to the nearest dollar due to the overheads associated with card payment.
    We will also charge 5% extra if you pay by check, because we have to wait for 2-3 days for banks to release funds to use, and sometimes we run the risk of bad checks, so on your way to pick up your car, stop at your ATM to get cash/money order--very simple.
  • Customer feedbacks show that our fees are vary fair and lower than most of our competitors, and our fixes are dependable and trustworthy. We hope you also find our fix trustworthy and dependable.
  • We don't have slight intention to cheat or take advantage of you, we are fixing your car and saving your money just like we are to our own cars, so don't worry about us.