get 5% labor discount for each of your JESUS like act as in here

Please pick up your fixed car promptly so we can pay parts&labor promptly. If not, you will be charged $25/day after being notified. This pain is to make you learn the lesson because we are charged 30% fee by banks if we don't pay on time.

We are the cheapest with the best quality in town! Please don't bargain with us. Once you agree to fix car here, we will fix your car as fix our own, please pay us the living wage/fee that we ask for. otherwise, just pay the diagnose and estimate then shop somewhere else. Note, we don't price by the time the job takes, so please don't argue with us on what the charge should be based on your own observation on how fast or how easy (The fees we ask for don't include margin to bargain, so please waste your and our time on bargaining.)

We fix everything and anything, just text the mechanic at 919-697-2641 with your VIN directly to find out, if you can't speak English, you can text 704-293-0756 to translate your Chinese to English.

We fix lawn mower/weed eater/blower/chain saw/power washer/power tools/moped that u can drop off, $100 labor per fix.

210203 updated price:
if customer bring his own oil labor 20
if we provide oil and filter basic 5 quarts 45
if full synthetic 5 quarts 70 in all cases is a additional shop and disposal fee of 5
any extra quart will be a additional charge
european car may vary the price due to change of price on oil filter

any basic light bulb is 20 plus part
basic diagnose 50
smoke test 150
pressed hub bearing 150
flanged hub bearing90
any ball joint 130 each
Please deal with your insurance company yourself with the invoice/receipt that you get from us after you fix your wreckage here. We don't deal with anybody/entity other than you. You save money by dealing with your insurancers yourself and you can also learn how your insurance works.

Because of the vast experience, most times Jorge can give you a rough estimate without research, but to get accurate estimate and diagnose, please bring your car to the shop, if you decide to fix it here, diagnose and estimate is free, otherwise, please pay the estimates. Jorge can't afford to spend all his time giving free estimates and do free work, who will pay for rent and utilities?

We warranty our work for 6 months if the parts are purchased through us. If you bring your own parts or you insist on using parts against our advice, then no warranty.
We don't warranty used parts even if the parts are purchased through us. Used parts are unpredictable, we can't afford to warranty used parts. If you want warranty, then go for the new parts that we recommend.

Usually part suppliers offer free deliveries, but occasionally, they don't deliver parts, please pick up the parts yourself to avoid delays and additional charges.


Jorge is 1 man shop need to stay in shop all time, which means he can't travel to u or pick up parts for u, if he can't get parts delivered then he can't fix it for u, for rare parts please get it yourself.