This article uses obvious facts and logic to explain how we came and where we are going to and the purpose of our lives, please read it with same honesty then pass it on.

Evolution, natural selections, food chains, food pyramids, the ability to learn, self healing, self defense, hunt, reproduce, care, preserve, protect, entertain, govern etc. were designed into lives when lives were first created, so it freed God from constantly keeping lives and nature alive, balanced and healthy. If life and nature don't have these self sustaining characters, nature and all the species in it would have been sick, dead, disappeared long time ago!

I.e. Life is the cause of evolution and natural selection, not the other way around, please get your mind and logic clear and wipe off the wrong ideas planted by inept scientists. 

Burdened by high cost of customer care, humans start to mimic God's design ideas: make software self serving to save money and labor, have you been greeted by automatic voice messages, online chat/help and etc? In the past, even for user's own mistakes, software manufactures had to pay workers to help users, now  applications can handle user errors on their own.

Just like phones have evolved, lives evolve, too, except that lives' evolution happen automatically while phone can't and didn't evolve, it is their makers' designs have evolved, God never evolves or changes, and God never dies, God's words/bible never change, God's laws/rules for human and nature never change, God's love/mercy/justice/promises never change, but God's creations are constantly changing according to non-changing laws. 

Scientists like to drop bombs to draw attentions and funding. Darwin did get attention by changing the whole world's believes conceived since the start of mankind. Wait for a minute: trillions and trillions of people before us were not as smart as we are? The reason that they believed in spirits, ghosts, gods, bible and etc. is because modern science was not there to explain everything to them?!  Explained what?  All that scientists are doing is to see/discover the intelligence/soul in nature that ancient people already believe that exists without seeing it with telescope or nanoscope. Einstein only discovered relativity without the ability of creating or changing it, yet we worship him without questioning why the law of relativity exists, and who gave Einstein the intelligence to discover it. 

We laugh at ignorant ancient people for believing that natural disasters are caused by Gods/invisible powers, so what, now after we know how natural disasters are formed, but we are still as defenseless as ancient folks when natural disasters hit us, we can't even change the direction of wind!

Evolution also doesn't happen according to our wishes because we didn't create life nor evolution, i.e. our kids are not always smarter than us, e.x.  even Einstein's great grand kids are not smarter than him. 

You are either dead or alive, there are no between states, i.e. you are either given all the gears to survive at once or you are given none, there are no intermediate stages to evolve from 1 to n life's capabilities.  

If you believe that we are the product of evolution, then why do you even care of being a nice person. Look at animal kingdom, strongest  survive, weak and small ones are eaten, no compassion whatsoever. So why don't we behave like animals to kill/rob/cheat to get what we want? Ok, we have laws, then we'd better stay away from smart people because they are too smart to be caught by law. Science may not be reliable at all, whoever on the top of the fame can decide truth.  Why do you even complain God killed a lot people in old testament, killing others free up natural resources for you, you should say thanks to God instead of hating him. You should promote birth control so you are not threatened by unemployment and etc, you should promote your own race and kill other races or foreigners like promoting racists/nationalists/fascism and genocides as we are doing now!

If a dumb ass like me can understand that life was not created by evolution, then why the main stream science still believes that life was created by evolution? Because for money & fame, people like to lie especially smart scientists, thus scientists are required to present reproducible physical evidences to show to others that they are not lying. That is why they have been digging into dead bones to find evidences of life. We will never find origination of life from dead people: Luke 24:5-7: Why do you seek the living among the dead? 

How about our personalities? There are no bones inside brain, thus no dead bones to tell us whether animals are getting meaner or nicer, i.e. life is not just made of bones, how about muscles, brain, skin, organs and etc, how can you use bone's evolution to explain the whole life's evolution and origination?!  

How about our thoughts? There are no physical beings to prove that we have thoughts. Then you argue that our brains create thoughts, so according to your logic a computer without software in it can think and start to operate on its own?  Our characters/addictions/experiences/wisdom/thoughts/knowledge/intelligence/aspirations/lies/beliefs are not written in our DNA nor inherited from our parents, i.e. you don't inherit your parents' Ph.D education nor soul.

Often, when a child dies, his mother loses her mind, nothing physical has changed on the mother but why she completely loses her ability to think? Maybe her soul leaves her body and goes to look for the dead child? i.e. Our core commander is not physical at all, scientists refuse to admit the existence of our soul, but resort to medications, which damage patients' brains and give them early onset of alzheimer's(the medications are to disable the brain reactions to crazy commands) .  Similarly, science can't approve God's existence.

Alcohol/drugs/sex can mask the pain in our spirit by stimulating brain to give dopamine, yet after dopamine leaves body, depression comes back with hangovers.  i.e. can't use physical means to treat spiritual pains.

Reproduction is not an initiation nor a cause of life. You were not made by your parents alone.  God created first pair template for each species, after that, species reproduce on their own following that template. Natural environment is constantly changing, lives of course have to change to  survive under new conditions, if lives didn't evolve, earth would have been as dead as Mars long time ago. If you want to live, you have to change not only physically but also spiritually, i.e. born again Christian. 
Many people wrongfully believe that the purpose of sex is to populate earth. No, we are not needed for anything. To God, creating life is easy, he can cover every corner of earth with people over night if he wants to. As a matter of fact, life itself can create itself very easily, look at cock roaches, reproduce and survive all poisons like crazy. Even for humans, Simply by enjoying sex 1 man and 1 woman can produce other humans.  Life is not precious at all considering how easily it can be produced(but it doesn't mean you can disrespect life.). Even when we don't know why we were created, but each one of us instinctively try our best to survive. People are wrongfully believing that everybody is given a purpose of life by God to serve God himself. Not at all, God doesn't need anything from us, our purposes of our lives are to serve ourselves physically and spiritually! God doesn't need our companionship, nor constant praise, nor worship, i.e. nothing. Actually, God is serving us. In old testament, God tried to use Jews to demonstrate to the rest of the world from whom people need to get protection, in new testament, Jesus asked disciples to spread good news of salvation to mankind, i.e. everything is for us, nothing is for God. It is extremely hard for selfish humans to understand why God would create universe 100% not for himself. 

To motivate us to serve each other, God said all services to fellow human beings are services to him, so don't confuse it with God needs something from us. Love others and give others what they need is a service to God.

First page of bible tells where universe and humans came from. Then people ask who created God. You have to ask God that question. If we don't know our own creator how can we know God's creator? 

What is Science: Science is men's discovery and understanding on God's universe/creations. Science is done by men, men is a product of God's, bible was written by God, Who is more reliable: the creator/God or the created/human?  Bible or Science? Can't you see Science keeps on correcting herself, 1 group scientists published 1 understanding then another group slashed it with another understanding.  No scientist can call his findings absolute truth. But God said his every word in bible is an absolute truth.

We always demand God to come to us to show his existence and explain himself. Why don't we go to him? If we can enter heaven then we can see how God is creating universe and everything in it. Bible says that Jesus was able to see how God does things: John 5:20 God shows Jesus all he does. 

If we follow everything as bible requires then we have to stop a lot of forbidden things that we love to do, so we believe God doesn't exist, and bible was written by humans. Because Science is backing me up, thus my belief must be true.

If God is living, it is illogical to think God can't make bible absolutely TRUE! Arguing the accuracy of bible is like arguing the accuracy of your parents' will when they are still living vibrantly. Plus generations of prophets have been asking/praying/verifying to God to make sure bible is absolutely true. Numerous historical events have happened as predicated in bible, the entire universe is evolving according to bible. Bible's truth is evidenced in everything. If a believer starts to question the accuracy of bible, then he never really believed. A real believer will never change his faith regardless what happened or what others said. 

Before Eve and Adam fell out of Eden, they only had to name and play with the animals/plants that God created, they had nothing to worry about, all day long, they were relaxingly sample tasty foods and sexing since man was given urges for sex every 7 minutes. Spiritually, God was there with them, teaching them, because they knew nothing before they ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

Then, they chose to disobey and were kicked out of Eden. Evils and dangers are lurking around everywhere to attack us in the hostile labor camp where we were thrown into (1 Peter 5:8: evils prowl around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour), not only pleasures became extremely hard to get, survival became a problem. Spiritually, doors to love and happiness were closed behind us. 

If God can let trees use solar energy directly,  of course, God can also give us this ability so that we don't have to work at all. but why didn't he? 

We sneer at lazy pigs because they eat and sleep all day long, don't you see that this is what all animals do except us. That is because God can change poo poo back to sweet fruit, thus it doesn't matter whether they continually eat or not. But we humans have to work for food, foods don't just appear before our eyes for free. We are the smartest of all species, but we can't change the fact that we are the only one can't eat for free because God made so: Genesis 3:17: through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life.

The merciful God didn't kill Adam and Eve instantly, but gave us a chance: a short life to repent/think/learn to become obedient to him thus find our way back home, which is also the purpose of our lives. Now you think about it, if no humans, nature and all the lives in it will be prosperous and well balanced. It would have been a good idea that A&E were killed immediately and humans were wiped off earth to avoid so many troubles we have caused to nature, look at how many species have become extinct because of us! Now you understand the infinite love and patience that God has with humans!

We need to get the purpose of our lives correct before we die, otherwise we waste the only chance given to us.  People keep on saying we only live once, let's party and have as much fun as possible, man, will you tell that to your kids when you are on your death bed full of fear, emptiness, helplessness, hopelessness, depression and loneliness? A lot of us at old ages are suffering the painful consequences of the wrong decisions made at young ages. Equally, all our wrong beliefs at living will hurt us after we die. 

Imagine that we are extremely smart smart phones or computers, which is made of hardware and software/apps. Our soul is all software/thoughts that operate our body. When we die our physical body will become dirt/disappear, but manufactures' software/apps and your contacts/data/photos will stay.
Let's use following example to illustrate from human point of view what we do with souls( a soul =all the software&data in a phone):
We are testing 10 new phones, and put unique soul in each phone, each soul can evolve/change/learn to adapt to its environment, and it needs to communicate with us constantly for upgrade and etc, and soul needs to consult us to solve problems that it is not designed for. Each soul know their body will die after 10 days. 
soul 1 is very susceptible to virus' attack and quickly become a virus himself to damage his own and others' body and soul. 
soul 2 believes we create him, but likes to lie, even the feedback he sends back to us is mostly lies.  
soul 3 rejects any belief that he was made&owned by us, also convinces others that we don't exist, never communicate to us, and wanders off to operate on his own.
soul 4 doesn't care where he came from nor why he is here but only cares that he has only 10 days to live, thus don't bother to pay attention to "random" signs, warnings or other soul's reminders to contact us, but enjoy the short life as much as he can.   
soul 5 has the tendency to spend all his resources to satisfy himself and ignore all his other assignments by us.
soul 6 is the most fortunate of all, and is ranked #1 in all contests. He starts to attribute all his talents, fame, power and money to his own efforts, but also think that he can replace us to advise others. 
soul 7 follows all our rules, and works hard to accumulate great wealth for himself, when we ask him to give all his hard earned money to others, he didn't like it and turned his back on us. 
soul 8 is given a damaged body and is in pain all the time, he blames us for giving him a bad body thus turned his back on us.  
soul 9 is also given a damaged painful body, but he is constantly begging us to give him a better new body humbly, and didn't forget to follow all our other orders despite pain.
soul 10 performs all instructions according to our will and have learned some new tricks to enhance its performance.

So, of course, we will keep soul 9 and soul 10 and destroy/delete all other 8 souls completely. Our own soul is a spirit, to destroy a soul is to lock it up in hell chained by fire, the more bad thoughts we have the more fire will burn us.

However,not like us, God is infinitely loving and merciful, every person he created is disobedient. So he put his own holy soul/spirit into Jesus, i.e. his only son, even though God knows that people will kill Jesus for no reason, he still sent Jesus to be killed by us then used Jesus' blood to wash off our sins. Can we humans do what God did: can Jobs kill his only son to save rebellious iphone software systems? Then you will ask if God is so loving why can't let all people enter heaven unconditionally, then what is good about heaven if bad people walk around like on earth? Ok, only let good people enter heaven, "good" has to be good in God's eyes not our own eyes. We have to humbly confess our sins to Jesus and ask him to forgive us when we are still living, once dead, too late. If we follow Jesus' commandments: love others as yourself then we can stop our bad thoughts. because much fewer fathers raping their daughters in their minds, so love all the women in the world as your daughters to avoid committing sins. 

Human soul contains all our thoughts. Even a bad thought is a sin, Matthew 5:28, but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.  The proper way is before you rape her in your head, go ask her, just like when you are hungry you ask people for bread instead of stealing it. Calling people "dumb ass" is also a sin.

Our thoughts/soul/spirit operate our body, manifested in our characters, temperaments,reactions to events, words, actions, works, activities and etc.  

God is the holy soul/spirit. The spirit creates and owns all physical, energy and spiritual beings. All physical/spiritual things and energy follow God's orders/thoughts. When God thinks that a mountain should move, then the mountain moves. When God gives design on how a life should be made, the ingredients walk together to form the life as God thought, just like when we think our right arm should raise, then our right arm raises. Bible mentioned holy spirit's abilities: Jesus change water to wine, heal the blind, calm storm, ask fish to enter net, ask dirty spirits to leave humans' bodies and etc. Don't think you can get away with murdering: Genesis 4:10: The LORD said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground.

Just as we judge a person's characters by his work, actions and etc, we judge God by his creations and his free gifts to us, so  we know God's holy soul/spirit is infinitely intelligent, righteous, perfect and loving.

Jesus is God in a human body.

Anywhere has physical/spiritual beings or energy, then it has God, i.e. God is everywhere. And God knows where everything is and its conditions just like we know where our hair/limbs are and their conditions. For anything that doesn't follow his orders, he gives them chances to repent and change, if they don't change, then God send them to hell, once in hell, you will never see God again, no more love and happiness whatsoever. Our life is the opportunity for us to change.
If without Jesus, everybody is heading toward hell, then what is the motives to be good? Jesus was sent specifically to forgive our sins so that we can still enter heaven though not perfect. Sin means all bad thoughts and hurtful actions. First we have to humbly admit our sins/bad thoughts, beg Jesus for forgiveness. Meanwhile follow Jesus commandments: 1. Love God with all our heart. 2. Love all strangers in the world as our parents, kids or ourselves. 

If you can't live happily without a lot of money, fame, sex , alcohol, drugs and social media, how will you be happy after you die? People get depressed after they lose all their money or their loved ones, then commit suicide hoping death can take away their pain, man, you are confusing spiritual pain with physical body pain, you are killing a wrong thing! Similarly, addicts will suffer depression after they die because the physical bodies for getting those pleasures don't exist anymore but your soul is desperately craving for the things that it will never get. So it is very important that we can live happily without anything just like Job after he lost all his loved ones and all his wealth and health. 

Consult God for your psychological disorders. No humans can cure your  psychological  disorders. A lot psychiatrists play with crazy people's spirits eventually become crazy themselves. A lot of physical illnesses and pain are caused by crazy spirits, crazy spirits damage our own bodies also become violent to other peoples' lives, so psychiatrists are needed to prescribe medication to disable brain cells' reaction to spirits.  If we believe in other people's or scientists' ideas or thoughts, our soul will be misled by other spirits. Don't ever put full trust in anybody other than God/Jesus/bible, otherwise you can follow that person to hell , just like Adam followed Eve out of Eden,  nobody other than God can lead you to heaven! Bible specifically says if you mislead other souls you will be punished more severely, so just tell people to read bible and follow God not you!

Examine yourself to see what you can't live without, then ask strength from God to detach from the worldly love. God has given us plenty opportunities to practice this, like our aging, the older we get then the happier we should get instead of getting cosmetic surgeries and etc.

All of us are pursuing something other than God with all our might, and often we die before we can achieve our dreams, not only we experience stress and depression while we are pursuing them in living, but also after our bodies die off, such stress and depression will last for eternal because the bodies needed to achieve these successes are forever gone.

First read/apply bible and pray and become true believers. Bible says if we become true believers, God's holy spirit will enter us and our soul will be reborn, then we will have God's characters: gentle, loving, patient, generous, selfless, honest, humble and etc, even your temperament can change regardless how old you are, your addictions will stop, and you will become smarter and wiser. So bible put all emphasis on faith, God will give us what we need if we totally rely on him. 

Desires and addictions are not controlled by physical body, don't wrongfully believe that after you die you won't be bothered by your desires. Using me as an example, I addicted to food, thus want to eat all the time, even when stomach is already very full and signaling me to stop but insatiable desire keep on putting food into my mouth until pain becomes overwhelming. A customer told me he started enjoy sex since age 12, now at 75, his sexual organ already stop working long ago but he still craves for sex. This craving and sadness will continue after you die. After you die, at heaven's gate, God may ask you: do you want to go back to a physical body where you can have as much sex as you like or do you want to enter heaven and be with me: the source of love and happiness without sex? How will you respond? If I were God, I would kick you straight into hell since you don't love me why should I welcome you into my house?
When you have psychological disorders or addictions, go to beautiful nature and enjoy tasty fresh foods directly from nature, breathe in fresh air, see the magnificent creations of God, embrace God's love/beauty, make connection with God and invite him into your soul. Physical labor or exercise as God prescribed is the best way to avoid temptations, when we have to work all day long to fill our empty stomach, then we will not have time for video games, gambling, alcohol and etc. Physical work is also the best way to raise kids and reform prisoners: we are all prisoners of some kind of addictions.

Nothing is random or just pop up from nowhere, everything is planned and has a cause. People show their real faith/face in bad lucks. It is not logical to expect an enjoyable life here then go on to an enjoyable eternal life in heaven. God needs to test your faith in all circumstances. So treat every random stranger that God put on your path with love, and deal every incident according to God's commandments.  e.x. My stepmother didn't love me because I am not hers, and most Asian people do the same without knowing that it is wrong. i.e. God gave me a cruel stepmother is so that I can seek the true meaning of love, thus identify and learn how to give and receive true unconditional love. In contrast, God gave an atheist friend an alcoholic and adulterous father, he think alcoholism and adultery is in his gene thus he also became an alcoholic and fearful of marriage, now at age 70 still alone, how wasteful he is! 

So don't blame your misfortune/abuse/pain on God thus reject him, if you do, your past temporary pain will come back to haunt you eternally. We question God for all bad things happened to us but attribute nice things to our own efforts. God's perspective is eternal, but we can't see beyond this moment.  We should earnestly seek the meaning and purpose behind those bad things. So don't only pray for wealth and health like buddhists do.

Even though pain feels like eternal, hang on there, brother, wait until you die in a short while, you will be in paradise with father forever, you need to be as faithful, good and patient as Job to secure your spot in heaven regardless how much pain you are under now. God is in total control of what happens when, just be patient.  

So don't focus 100% on pleasing your body, body is very easy to make just like a factory can make 1000 iphone7s overnight, God will give you a new body if your soul can survive this one. Our body is like our hair can be easily replaced.

Don't think that God think the same way as we do, nor think that God need any help from us to kill or punish anybody. Don't ever play God to perform God's wrath from bible onto people, don't ever borrow God's condemnation against people. Don't fool people to believe your will is God's thus use God's name for human affairs not even for our struggles of equality/justice/freedom/etc, especially not for political affairs. Don't use the holy name to serve your filthy self. Just be honest and only represent yourself when you dealing with people, if you genuinely love people, then say that you yourself love them instead of saying that I am passing love from Jesus onto you. Don't condemn homosexuals or abortionist, instead, love them more because they are special, don't stir up politicians to punish them or anybody. Do whatever you can to love all people indiscriminately. Don't ever say silly things like government officials are appointed by God, or predict when the end of world is here, how do you know? Bible specifically asks not to make any predictions on the 2nd coming of Jesus. 

If God asked us not to avenge ourselves when people mistreat us, then what make you think God need you to avenge others if they didn't hurt you?! All people are God's children regardless they are homosexuals/abortionist/law breakers/unbelievers or not. Just love and respect everybody equally as yourself. 

Very few people can enter heaven, i.e. heaven is not crowded at all, so don't worry for God that he will run out of space in heaven if he has to contain trillions and trillions of dead people, plus soul is thoughts that doesn't occupy any physical space.   

If you were born homosexual, then practice abstinence(if monks/priests/nuns can be happy without sex all their lives, why can't we?). When AIDS first appeared, we dishonestly denied the fact that it was a deadly disease among homosexuals. Our body is like our apartments that we rented from God, we have to follow the rental rules of the owner, if not, we will be evicted out of it, i.e. dead. The rules are in bible: we need to cherish and take care of our body, can't use it for things that it was not designed for.  But because religious people play God and stirred up fights, then people promote homosexuality as a human right and completely masked real issue, now homosexuals don't feel any guilt in their pleasure driven acts.

You may argue homosexuality is very common among animals, but animals were not given bible to know right and wrong, and they are purely controlled by instincts and do whatever is the most pleasurable. e.x. when monkeys find out rotten apples with alcohol in them are very pleasurable, they keep on eating the apples while watching others fall into river struggling and dying.

But of course, we are entitled to enjoy sex with our only spouse and feast on harvests that we work very hard to obtain, and enjoy the love from our kids which we responsibly raised. But most of us have already addicted to and are busy with money, sex, alcohol, drugs and etc., can't stay above water in this life, where is the time & capacity to think life after death? 

Crazy people rush to sex worrying that they will lose it when they get too old, man, why didn't you rush to sex when you were 5 years old? We are all like A/E easily tempted, when we realize how much trouble those things have brought us we already addicted to them. Maybe this is also why American parents cover their kids' eyes when there are sex scenes on TV worrying their kids may addict to sex if they try it, because kids won't obey if you tell them not to. It is dishonest to say that kids are not sinful, kids and adults are equally disobedient and sinful.

When we were first born, our soul is "pure", i.e. we were purely driven by instincts and easily tempted, gradually, parents/laws confine us to socially/legally acceptable norms. But because we are disobedient, nobody teaches us how to lie or manipulate parents or be greedy, but all of us know how to lie and has lied on something in our lives. Only after we start to love others, then we can stop lying/manipulation/greediness willingly automatically.  Thus the earlier you believe the better off you will become.

If you really love your kids and want to be with them forever, then you should lead them to God/Jesus/Bible properly, with so many temptations in the world, you really have to figure out how to make them honestly believe. 

Stop being arrogant because of your higher achievements, education, power, fame or IQ, whatever you achieved in your life time can be done by God in a blink of eyes, everybody is the same in God's eyes regardless you are Einstein or a kid with down syndrome, the more arrogance you are  the less chance you will enter heaven.

God has been screaming out toward us all the time: I am your creator, I know you the best, listen to me so you can live, even had his only son killed, but somehow we think we can out smart our creator and cheat death, shrug off Jesus' story as a fair tale like the wizard of oz. Some people think they are better than Christians without becoming Christians, why comparing with people and give away your chance to heaven, comparing with the perfectly pure Jesus instead! 

If you know how much efforts that big IT companies are taking to analyze astronomical amount of social media data, then you will have an idea on how powerful God is: he keeps track of the number of hairs on each person's head, every thought and move in every person's whole life, i.e. the data that God is collecting and using can fill the whole universe, so he doesn't send a wrong person to hell (look at how many analytical errors in social media data that we have made). So don't think a birth defect is God's mistake, God doesn't make mistakes, so cherish your illness or misfortune because you are God's VIP. This also proves that bible can only written by God himself. A lot of things in bible sound ridiculous to us because we really can't imagine God's power.  A friend doesn't believe that he can get orgasm in heaven all day long, why not, God created orgasm, just beg him, he might give you 24 hour orgasm. 
If God makes mistakes then the whole universe would have exploded and disappeared long ago. Just like a boeing 737 MAX, universe can't last long. 
Bible is manufacture's manual to our soul and body that we must  read/understand/apply if we want our soul and body function properly, and we also need to constantly consult God if we want our soul to live forever happily. 

Then why so many people were born with birth defects, actually, nobody is given a perfect body, everybody is defected some what, e.x. our left hands are not as skilled as right hands, women are not as strong as men, but men can't bear kids. The purpose of such design is so we can humbly depend on each other! Nobody can survive on his own!  Pay attention to God's creations and compare human's and God's design then you will be amazed by God's wisdom so you can learn some wisdom, too.

We don't know whether other animals or plants or our pets go to heaven or not, it is not up to us to decide, God is the only one to decide, but the selection criteria on us is in bible! But if you love your pet more than God, why care for heaven just go into a cage belonging only to you and your pet! Everybody can only be responsible for his own soul not for his parents, kids or pets.

If God is the only one, then logically,  all other Gods are not existing/all other beliefs are wrong. We all know iphone and android don't work the same way because they are made by different companies, because we only have 1 universe and everything in it follows the same set of laws, so everything must be created by 1 God only. 

As soon as you think of God, then you made connection with him, then ask him and argue with God on anything just like you do with your parents. No need to follow any rituals or through another person/place, God is everywhere and listening/watching us all the time. Like if I can't fall into sleep, ha, sleep is a design of God's, so I beg him to let me sleep for another half hour, at most God will say, a nice try, if you stop partying past 11pm I will give you an extra hour to sleep. For people who are ill or defected, ask God for a fix, why not, what will you lose by asking he who created you? God can see everything even in hidden, God can solve every problem.  

When you mention God to people, they think that you think they are not good person, so they start to list the charitable things that they have done. Bible says if you already get praises from people, then your good deeds won't add credits to your way to heaven. You don't have to prove to anybody you are good other than to God. The more you show off yourself to people, the fewer credits you will get from God. 

When you mention God to people, they think that you want them to give up all their belongings, No, not at all, need to share, not what we are doing now: rich people are wasting money while poor people can't get their illness treated. 

When you mention God to people, they think that you want them to give up all their hard work attitude and forget pleasures. Not at all, you still have to work hard and exhaust all your intelligence to survive and to support your families, but working hard is not for accumulating excessive wealth to show off yourself to others or to enjoy exotic unnecessary physical pleasures. Some religions mislead people to odd unnatural life styles like jehovah's witness or mormon, stay away from anything that is not natural, honest or suppress human's natural desires for survival and physical pleasures. God created physical pleasures, of course, we are entitled to them, just that we can't discard God, responsibilities and everything else but only for pleasures.

When you mention God to people, they think you want to restrict their freedom, no, not at all, you will think more freely and make good decisions based on truth instead of being misled and ruin your life following other people's lies.

The younger you become a true believer the fewer mistakes you will make, the less pain you will suffer throughout your life. If everybody in a country is true obedient Christian, then the government will have no headaches from its people, and officials inside government won't be corrupt. If the whole world truly understand and believe in Christianity then earth will be similar to heaven with peace, love, prosperity and happiness everywhere. By becoming true Christians ourselves and convince others to become true believers is the only way to change history and the world. 

While writing this article, I was eager to release it like everybody else wanting to be the first to tell their discoveries, but God stopped me until my thoughts get mature, God said: time is mine, truth is mine, everything has its timing, don't rush it. Bible has been around for thousands of years, if people refuse to read the shining holy book of salvation, why do you expect your foolish writing can get people's attention, keep working on it until it makes some sense. Of course, 1 person's thinking is limited,  all Christians should work together to revert Darwinism and eradicate atheism in the whole world, and let all people know how to take care of their souls. 

But, look at the divisions among Christians and their participation in politics, no wondering lambs are lost because shepherds are busy fighting for their own pride. In western countries, bible is on the living room table in almost every household, but true believers are very few. We need to figure out why and how to influence people to believe honestly. Need eliminate divisions and fights among true believers and work together for the greater good of all.

People often say it is too hard to follow bible, then how will you get the benefits if you don't. Just like if you don't study hard in school how will you get degrees and find a good job?
Nobody other than God should be glorified in this combined effort, this should be Godism instead of somebodysNamism, and nobody should profit from this, either. The author of the article and movement should be "All true believers", the expense of promoting it should be paid by anonymous donors. Please pitch in ideas and help. Thank you!

Jeremiah 10:10
But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the everlasting King At His wrath the earth quakes, And the nations cannot endure His indignation.
Revelation 4:9-10
to God who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders will fall down before Him who sits on the throne, and will worship Him who lives forever and ever, and will cast their crowns before the throne, saying,

Don't we need to worry about future? 2 Peter 2:

Bold and wilful, they are not afraid to slander the glorious ones,[f] 11 whereas angels, though greater in might and power, do not bring against them a slanderous judgement from the Lord.[g] 12 These people, however, are like irrational animals, mere creatures of instinct, born to be caught and killed. They slander what they do not understand, and when those creatures are destroyed,[h] they also will be destroyed, 13 suffering[i] the penalty for doing wrong. They count it a pleasure to revel in the daytime. They are blots and blemishes, revelling in their dissipation[j] while they feast with you. 14 They have eyes full of adultery, insatiable for sin. They entice unsteady souls. They have hearts trained in greed. Accursed children! 15 They have left the straight road and have gone astray, following the road of Balaam son of Bosor,[k] who loved the wages of doing wrong, 16 but was rebuked for his own transgression; a speechless donkey spoke with a human voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.
17 These are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm; for them the deepest darkness has been reserved. 18 For they speak bombastic nonsense, and with licentious desires of the flesh they entice people who have just[l] escaped from those who live in error. 19 They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption; for people are slaves to whatever masters them. 20 For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overpowered, the last state has become worse for them than the first. 21 For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than, after knowing it, to turn back from the holy commandment that was passed on to them. 22 It has happened to them according to the true proverb,
‘The dog turns back to its own vomit’,
‘The sow is washed only to wallow in the mud.’